Ludicrous party game ABRACA smashes up fairy tales then hits you in the face, out now for PC and Mac

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    Press Release


    April 7th, 2016

    Yeah yeah fairy tales blah blah… Wait, what?

    – Ludicrous party game ABRACA smashes up fairy tales then hits you in the face, out now for PC and Mac –

    Sophisticated French transmedia masters Ankama today announced the launch of ABRACA, the multiplayer fairy tale arena smackdown out now via Steam for PC and Mac priced 14.99 €. Featuring Ankama’s proprietary Couch Tech™ local multiplayer gameplay, optimised for four players on a well upholstered sofa of their choice, ABRACA shakes up the sugar-sweet fairy tale tropes of childhood for something much more invigorating.

    In this bedtime story, furry friends become foul enemies, and Prince Charming just needs a good kick. In other news, Hansel and Gretel have put on a bit of weight, the Snow Queen is bringing along a large furry friend, Little Red Riding Hood is dishing out the punishment, and the big Bad Wolf is learning how to take it. Sweet dreams are OUT. Four friends jostling elbows in front of the TV’s mystical glow is IN.

    Furious fun from the very first smackdown, but with heaps of devilish nuance to keep the gamer in you satisfied, ABRACA is a multiplayer platform party kickaround where loyalty, honor, and friendship mean nothing. In the land of Imagi, it’s the cunning and heartless who take home all the magic beans.

    Check out the twisted fairytale world of ABRACA in the launch trailer right here: 

    Dive into the game head first here:

    For the official scoop on ABRACA go here:

    The game launch is the first phase of Ankama’s ABRACA franchise transmedia takeover, with an animated TV series currently in the works and scheduled to debut in 2017.

    More press releases and hot news from Ankama are available here.







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