Leading publisher Ankama announces KING TONGUE to be released November 19th

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    Press Release

    King Tongue - CommunauteCover_02

    Monkeytown, Bananaland – 4 November 2015  

    Leading publisher Ankama announces KING TONGUE to be released November 19th


    It’s not every day you get to take down an army of weaponized bananas with your tongue. But this is exactly the pleasure that awaits players of King Tongue, a fruitily frantic arcade platformer coming to iOS phones and tablets this November 19th from publisher Ankama, priced 1.99 € / $1.99 / £1.49. Android and Windows Phone versions will follow soon.

    You are King Tongue, Lord of the Monkeys, a gorilla among chimps. Armed only with your spectacularly stretchy and sticky tongue, you will battle against the odds to repel the heavily armed bananarmy led by the peanut-crazed Banana King himself. 

    Use a single button press to launch your tongue like a slobbery grappling hook and hurl yourself into the maw of the bananabeast, as wave after wave of murderous fruitbreak over you like a yellow tide. Stick your licky appendage to anything in the environment, or directly on your enemies to give them a good tongue lashing. Roll and bounce to dodge, then swing through the air and chain explosive combos to pulp the yellow fiends. It’s time to put these bananupstarts through the juicer. 

    Check out the trailer:


    To finance his evil bid for military superiority over Bananaland, Banana King has launched a special Kingstarter campaign. Visitors can pledge their support by following the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and through the newsletter, with each sign up increasing the bananacount and unlocking new weaponry for the yellow devils. Go on, sign up! King Tongue doesn’t care! King Tongue laughs in the face of bananas! Ha haha!

    Support the Kingstarter campaign here: http://www.king-tongue.com/en/kingstarter

    YouTube Direct 

    The monkey brainchild of two Ankama staffers, King Tongue grappled the attention of their ape masters, and the company decided to swing into action and bring the frantic slobberfest to the world. The premium title is bursting with fruit-fuelled content right out of the gate, with 30 magnificent arenas spread across three worlds, and ever more dangerous banarmaments in the hands of your yellow foes. Just when you’ve got to grips with their Bananazookas and Bananacopters, out come the deadly Superbananas!

    After exhausting King Tongue himself, you can unlock new monkeys to take on your banana-splitting quest. Ping Kong and Hong Tongue are waiting in the wings to do bananabattle, each with their own formidable skills to match their majestic apelike appearances. The true holy grail of this astonishing adventure is the ultimate challenge of the infinite mode, where you will prove once and for all your simian superiority over the rotten bananas.

    Who knew monkey tongues could be so much fun?

    For more fruit juice on King Tongue visit http://www.king-tongue.com/en


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