Join Amplitude Studios to celebrate HUMANKIND’s 1st Birthday!

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  • Press Release

    Join Amplitude Studios to celebrate HUMANKIND’s
    1st Birthday!

    – The HUMANKIND™ Anniversary Event will run from August 17th – 22nd, will feature new and reactivated gameplay challenges, freebies, sales, a 24-hour stream and more! –

    Paris, August 17th, 2022 – It’s hard to believe that a year has already gone by since Amplitude Studios released HUMANKIND™, the turn-based historical strategy game, to the world. The reception was amazing and the studio were so happy to  finally see the game in the hands of the players, but regardless, the launch was only the beginning!

    The game has come a long way, thanks as always to the feedback from the community that has helped Amplitude fine-tune everything from balancing to end conditions to UI. As a small thank you, they have set up an anniversary event from August 17th – 22nd

    Here’s what’s cooking:

    • Get HUMANKIND 33% off – Plus DLC up to 20% off!
    • 6 free avatar hats — to customize your in-game avatar and persona. Automatically available when the game is launched. 
    • New in-game challenge scenario: 100 Years War – Play as the Franks and fight swiftly to outsmart your opponent for a chance at first place on the leaderboard!
    • All previous challenges reactivated – Did you miss out on time limited rewards from the Lunar New Year challenge, or maybe Dia de Los Muertos? Well, now is your chance to grab them! 
    • 24-hour Anniversary Stream – Amplitude Studios is going the extra mile! Join them on Twitch from Aug 17th at 16:00 CEST – August 18th 16:00 CEST for special guests, a multiplayer game, trivia and more.
    • A few more surprises – Ever notice that the city centers in game look a bit like birthday cakes? 

    For more information, check out or the official website.