InnoGames Opens Additional Development Studio in Dusseldorf

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    Press Release


    Hamburg, April 20, 2015

    InnoGames Opens Additional Development Studio in Dusseldorf

    – New office will develop a mobile game based on Unity – launch planned for 2016 –

    Today, online games publisher InnoGames officially opened itsnew development studio in Dusseldorf, Germany. Currently 20 people are working there to develop a mobile game based on Unity, which is supposed to go live in 2016. The team might grow up to 50 employees during the midterm. With this additional studio, InnoGames aims to have an additional advantage in the war for talents within the games industry.

    A second development studio is definitely a milestone in our company’s history”, Hendrik Klindworth, Founder and CEO of InnoGames emphasizes. Dusseldorf is located in the west of Germany, while Hamburg is in the north. Klindworth explains the choice for the city: “Dusseldorf is a great addition to our Hamburg office as it is located in the 7thstrongesteconomic region in the world. 18 million people live within a circumference of100 kilometers. There are a lot of highly educated game developers in the area and the strong network of universities ensure this will continue to be the case in the future. Last but not least, both the city and the region offer tremendous cultural choiceswhich are highly attractive for people from abroad.” All in all, InnoGames wants to hire around 100 new employees this year.

    Having grown through its successful browser games in the past; InnoGames sees the biggest growth potential in the mobile gaming area. “The Dusseldorf office is supposed to become a main factor in our mobile strategy”, Dusseldorf Studio Manager Dennis Rohlfing explains. “The unity engine gives us a great technical base for our project. The goal is to publish a mobile game that is one of the best of its kind in 2016.” In 2014, InnoGames had its first big mobile strike with Forge of Empires being one of the top five new strategy titles for iPads in the US. InnoGames wants to repeat this success and increase it even more.

    With about 150 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of online games. Currently, the Hamburg-based company employs over 350 professionals from 30 nations. InnoGames has scored major success with games such as Tribal Wars, Grepolis and Forge of Empires.




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