Initialising Monobot: the 2D puzzle platformer rolls off the production line and onto Steam today

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    Initialising Monobot: the 2D puzzle platformer rolls off the production line and onto Steam today


    Columbus, New Jersey, 18th June, 2021 – Indie games publisher Ukuza and developers DreamSmith Studios are ecstatic to announce that their 2D physics-based platformer Monobot is being released today on Steam for 12,49€. Our protagonist? Mono, the smallest robot in a dark dysfunctional world. Use anything you find to survive as you explore and uncover the buried secrets of this desolate universe and discover your true self. 

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    Initiating online protocols – Coming online, Mono soon finds out he is the smallest entity compared to the towering and hostile robots around him. Starting out with nothing but two arms and his wheel, you must scavenge for upgrades to be able to escape the dangers around you and solve daring puzzles. Enhance Mono with 2 detachable arms which grant him a range of abilities from magnetism to teleportation to help him escape tight situations or cross otherwise impassable areas – a must-have for increasing little Mono’s chances of survival.

    Scanning surroundings – Monobot drops you into a cold dystopian world, fraught with danger and never knowing what surprises may roll or stomp your way. Mono’s haunting search for answers is accompanied by a beautifully composed soundtrack that only heightens your senses to bring this ominous, mechanical world to sentience.

    Identifying mission objectives – You are tasked with unearthing the past and finding out exactly what disaster struck this desolate world. Mono is also searching for clues about his own existence: what is his purpose? Who or what is Mono’s true self? Collect documents and fragments of information as you desperately try to find the solutions to the puzzles you will face. This grand narrative will keep you guessing and searching for answers, as you plunge deeper into the heart of this robotic dystopian world. 

    Monobot is now available to purchase on the Steam store for 12,49€. Monobot will also be launching onto consoles later this year.

    About Ukuza
    Launched in 2016, Ukuza is a game publisher and development studio focused on bringing fantastic stories and characters to life through immersive gameplay.

    About DreamSmith Studio
    DreamSmith Studio is a development studio with a love of sci-fi and games. The studio was founded by Robert Jiang in 2019, and is working on its first project: Monobot, a 2D puzzle platformer.

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