Hard West Accolades Trailer and 30% Discount in Steam Sale

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    Press Release

    Hard West_Logo 

    December 23, 2015

    Hard West Accolades Trailer and 30% Discount in
    Steam Sale

    – CreativeForge Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment’s beautifully brutal and twisted Weird West Turn-Based Tactical game is currently on sale for 30% off at all fine digital storefronts near you –

    The old west is a hard place, with trigger-happy gunslingers and backstabbing opportunists all looking to make their mark by any means necessary, but this time they crossed the wrong dude.

    A tactical, turn-based western of six-shooters and the supernatural, Hard West and the Hard West: Collector’s Edition are both currently 30% off Steam.

    Hard West Accolades Trailer

    Consumed by tragedy and left for dead, one man will walk a dangerous path to punish those who wronged him. Vengeance is all that remains, and only one thing is certain; dying is the easy part.

    Fight your way through 40 missions of henchmen, cultists, and cannibals in your quest for vengeance. Uncover the plans of the ancient powers at play and make difficult choices that resonate throughout your journey. Collect and combine poker cards to craft special abilities, and arm yourself with an eclectic collection of firearms including outlandish prototypes of the era.

    Hard West is 30% Off on Steam:

    For more information about Hard West please visit http://gambitious.com/games/hard-west or https://www.facebook.com/creativeforgegames and follow us on Twitter, @GambitiousInc and @CFGmain

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