Guns, Gore & Cannoli Steam, Say Hello to my Little Friend!

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    Press Release

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    30 april 2015 

    Guns, Gore & Cannoli
    Award-Winning Title Cracking Skulls on PC & Mac Today, Capiche? 

    – Steam, Say Hello to my Little Friend! –

    Listen up Mafioso –  its time to finally get a piece of the action with the launch of the award winning Guns, Gore & Cannoli

    Inspired by classic 80’s side-scrolling shooters, Crazy Monkey Studios’s over-the-top action sidescroller takes a 1920’s Tommy gun turf war and throws in zombie lowlifes, Italian pastries and even flamethrowers – making this game, an offer you really can’t refuse

    Putting you in the loafers of hardened mobster Vinnie Cannoli, the game sees you shooting, scrapping and eating your way through Thugtown, leaving a bloody trail of undead, wiseguys and a whole lot of Tommy Gun shells in your wake as you take back your territory across beautifully hand drawn cityscapes.

    Not a fan of getting your hands dirty alone? Take up your rightful place as don, form a crew of thugs  and paste the stuffing out of zombies for hours of local four player mobster mayhem!

    Guns, Gore & Cannoli beat the living pastry out of more than 100 other titles to win the award for Best PC Game at Casual Connect Amsterdam in February 2015, with the small indie team’s frenetic hoodlum caper impressing attendees and judges alike

    Whatsamatter you? STILL don’t believe this game is one of the Goodfellas?!
    Stop being a wiseguy and check out the Tommy-gun-tastic trailer. 

    YouTube Direct 

    Because we like you we’ll cut you a deal – The game is priced at  €9.99 on Steam. Just as you thought you were out.. we pull you back in!

    Muscle your way towards some freshly ‘acquired’ assets at the game’s press site







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