Guide an Orc Clan to Inner Peace in Emotionally Intelligent Turn-Based Strategy Base-Builder, Don’t Kill Them All

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    Guide an Orc Clan to Inner Peace in Emotionally Intelligent Turn-Based Strategy Base-Builder, Don’t Kill Them All


    Quebec, Canada – 7th MayFika Productions, the creative minds behind the award-winning Ship of Fools, is proud to announce their second title,  Don’t Kill Them All, a turn-based strategy and base-building game, which offers you a chance to save Orcs from their destructive and bloodthirsty urges by helping them unlock new perspectives on themselves. Launching on Steam and consoles, step into the shoes of a half-orc self-proclaimed life coach raised by elves, presenting a simple yet state-of-the-art question to your homicidal kin: ‘what if we didn’t kill them all?

    Check out the announcement trailer for Don’t Kill Them All 


    Being an Orc is tough. They’re great at destroying, but not much else, and when simple resource gathering consistently leads to murder and plundering, it can be hard to develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Simply put, the orcs are broke!

    Your objective

    T-orc-xic behaviours are running rampant in your clan, and the orcs need your help to come together and ease their violent ways. Help them build their camp, gather resources, and attain glory for the clan, all while remaining mindful, prioritising relationships, and sustaining your environment. However, not everyone is on board with your mindful reformation project and many will attempt to impede your progress!

    Mindful turn-based combat

    Restraint doesn’t come easily to an Orc. When you attack the opposition, you might end up damaging the very resources you’re out to gather or creatures you’re trying to protect. Orcs’ listening skills also aren’t the best – you can only make so many commands before you run out of energy, so choose your moves sparingly!

    Basebuilding with care

    Camp is where the Orc-heart is. It’s a space for your orcs to embrace their passions and nurture their wellbeing, be that through doing some yoga, baking, raising animals, or putting on a magic show. It’s also, of course, a place for a good old fight!

    Embark on perilous raids

    To gather precious resources, take your orcs out on daring raids! Unveil a large map as you traverse diverse biomes, all with their own creatures to discover, resources to gather, and monsters to (prudently) crush. Those who stay will take pleasure in engaging in self-care activities, maintaining the mindful stability of your camp as a result. 


    As an emotionally adept life coach, it’s up to you to get underneath the murderous, thorny, dreadful exterior of each orc, and bring out the vulnerable, mushy feelings within. Enhancing the well-being of orcs not only boosts their overall quality of life but also makes raiding and battling much easier! For example, a cheerful orc will skip swiftly across the battlefield, covering more ground, while a sad one will lack the motivation to fight if they’ve been left in this state for too long.

    “We’re so excited to announce our emotionally attuned Orcs to the world,” said Antoine Grégoire-Slight, producer and co-founder of Fika Productions. “Never before have these creatures learned about sensitivity, camaraderie, and sustainability in such depth – Don’t Kill Them All is treading fresh ground in the Orc compendium.”

    Keep track of Don’t Kill Them All on Steam, X and Discord, and join them on their Kickstarter journey! To find out more about Fika Productions, check out their Website, X and Instagram!

    The press kit can be found here.

    Fika Productions
    Fika Productions is an indie game studio from Quebec City founded in 2018 with the vision of offering simple entertainment with the greatest of care. The team launched in 2022 their debut indie game, Ship of Fools, bringing to life a roguelite built from the ground up for co-op play.
    Fika is a Swedish word meaning “coffee break,” but it’s about so much more than that. Our studio wants to inspire the entertainment industry by creating games in wise and healthy ways. The Fika is the perfect moment to relax and spend precious time with your family, friends, or colleagues.


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