Grepolis’ Spartan Assassins Brings Communities Together

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    Press Release

    Header Grepolis Spartan Assassins

    Hamburg, Aug. 20

    Grepolis’ Spartan Assassins Brings Communities Together

    – New event awards communities and individuals for achieving ingame goal –

    Today, InnoGames’ strategy game Grepolis followed up its summer event Commander of Rome with the release of Spartan Assassins. This new event pits players against Vespasian’s troops with the help of some deadly assassins. Whole worlds will have to join forces to defeat the invaders and work towards community goals and rewards. In addition, InnoGames has released a video explaining the event.

    Players can defeat their enemies and gain battle tokens by attacking them with arrows. These weapons can be dropped by the conquered troops or gained by the assassins daily. To choose a target, players must pick targets from three columns out of three different troop types. Grepolis pros will also gain honor points with every successful attack. These points will determine daily ranking and will be added together to reward players and their communities in the end.

    Grepolis is a strategy game set in Ancient Greece. In the free browser-based title, players are tasked with building up a vast metropolis and uniting with other players to establish a powerful military and conquer far away islands. Grepolis is also available as a full mobile app for iOS and Android.

    With about 150 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of online games. Currently, the Hamburg-based company employs over 350 professionals from 30 nations. InnoGames has scored major success with games such as Tribal Wars, Grepolis and Forge of Empires


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