Get ready to party anywhere with Com2uS’ Minigame Party: Pocket Edition – out now on mobile!

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    Get ready to party anywhere with Com2uS’ Minigame Party: Pocket Edition – out now on mobile!


    Com2uS announces that Minigame Party: Pocket Edition is out now in over 170 countries worldwide on mobile devices (App Store, Google Play Store). Players can enjoy 13 minigames, 53 characters, costumes, and various additional content, such as Challenges and an Event Battle, that all feature the fun of single-tap gameplay. Events will take place to celebrate the launch, including a Sun Chip giveaway to the first 100,000 players who complete missions and a limited-edition merch raffle.


    Minigame Paradise, the original IP of Minigame Party: Pocket Edition, started with its first title released in 2005 and launched 5 more games since. With various easy-to-play minigame packages that can be played with a single tap, it gained immense popularity among people of all genders and ages, soon making the games a mega-hit IP with a cumulative download of 19 million across the entire series.

    In the new edition, players can enjoy 13 minigames, ranging from the original popular ones such as “Clump Thump” and “Spatter Scatter” to new ones that follow recent gaming trends. Com2uS has also added extra fun by offering 53 adorable characters with various skills, 460 costumes, and 79 skins, allowing players to collect and grow their characters. In addition, there are Challenges to obtain hidden characters and various rewards, a Ranking system that stimulates competitiveness, and an Event Battle that enhances the fun of single-tap gameplay. 

    Com2uS is celebrating the game’s global launch with various events. The first 100,000 players who complete missions while playing the game will be rewarded with 100 Sun Chips until August 9th. Sun Chips can be exchanged at the in-game Shop for various items, such as food and costumes. Additionally, an event will be held until August 30th where players can participate in a raffle for limited edition merch prizes, including Paradise gift sets, air mattresses, and tumblers. Players can participate in the raffle by completing missions and collecting Star Coins, which can also be exchanged for in-game items. Adding friends to the friend list during the event will also allow participation in the House Bunny Keyring merch raffle.

    Minigame Party: Pocket Edition is out now on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Com2uS supports the game in 12 different languages, including Korean, English, French, German, and Japanese. For more information, visit Com2uS’ official website.

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