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    London, UK – 30 August 2012
    Eight New Projects from Indie Developers and Veteran Game Designers Available for Funding Via Unique Hybrid Model
    Crowdfunding for games is going pro.  Gambitious today launched its unique hybrid crowdfunding platform for video games, accepting both fan donations and equity investments at Gambitious’ launch portfolio includes eight new projects from both indie visionaries and influential veteran game designers. Built and tailored for the video game industry, Gambitious represents the biggest opportunity independent developers have ever had to control their own creative and financial destiny. 

    Gambitious’ sustainable framework provides independent game developers and publishers with the ability to secure funds for the development of a new or existing game project – while offering gamers and would-be investors the opportunity to fund video game projects with potential for financial return.  

    Crowdfunding is causing a great seismic shift in how projects get funded, however, there are risks of crash-and-burn due to unfulfilled projects and unfinished games,” said Gambitious CEO Paul Hanraets. “Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Gambitious is designed specifically for the video game industry and ups the ante of developer credibility, investor engagement and development cycle understanding.

    Gambitious offers the opportunity to invest and/or support promising ideas that have a real chance for commercial viability. The Gambitious platform includes a formal qualification process requiring all developers to submit a detailed business and marketing plan, and in all cases, the developer keeps their intellectual property.  If the game reaches its investment goal and turns a profit, the investors will receive dividends based on their initial investments.

    Games available for pledges in the USA and/or equity-based funding in the European Union include: 

    • Tink by Mimimi Productions, Germany
    • Candy Kids by Abstraction Games, The Netherlands
    • Pantzer Pets by Gamundo, The Netherlands
    • Super Micro Heroes by Mutant Games, Spain
    • Piratoons by Fishing Cactus, Belgium
    • Mushroom Men by Red Fly Studio, USA 
    • Stronghold Crusaders 2 by Firefly Studios, England
    • Cosmic DJ by Gl33k, USA
    Crowdfunding is a perfect option for this Mushroom Men game as it’s not an IP many publishing suits are likely to get, although we think gamers will,” said Kris Taylor, co-founder and lead artist, RedFly Studio. “It’s cool to be part of the first wave of games on Gambitious.  Unlike other platforms, Gambitious is run by people who totally get game development and publishing, which makes it a good long term play for us and for the people putting money in.

    Currently, equity-based crowd investing is only legal in the European Union, but with the JOBS Act recently signed into law, Americans are expected to be able to participate in early 2013.  Until then, Americans will be able to participate via donations (or presales).

    It is time to move from the wild, wild, west of crowdfunding to a more professional model,” said Gambitious Co-Founder Mike Wilson.  “Crowdfunding is the best thing to happen to indies since shareware in the 90’s and Gambitious is a transformational way of funding the video game market – legitimizing, protecting, and maximizing the opportunity for all that want a stake in the game.” 



    Welcome to Gambitious, The Professional Crowdfunding for the Videogame Industry from Gambitious Crowdfunding on Vimeo.

    >>Gambitious presskit
    >>Gambitious video in HD
    About Gambitious
    Gambitious is the first professional crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the video game industry. Gambitious provides a structured online platform where independent game developers and publishers are able to secure funds for the development of new or existing game projects through a unique hybrid model, accepting both fan donations and equity investment.
    Originating in the Netherlands, Gambitious was founded by game industry entrepreneurs and is backed by Symbid, the first equity-based crowdfunding platform. Built and tailored for the game industry, Gambitious represents the biggest opportunity independent developers have ever had to control their own creative and financial destiny. For more information, and to watch informational videos on crowdfunding, please visit
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