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    London, 06 March 2014

    Foul Play Coming Soon to PS4 and Vita! 

    The vaudevillian tale of daemons, disaster and duplicitous dealings is coming to PS4 and Vita!

    Indie publishers Mastertronic, developers Four Door Lemon and game creators Mediatonic are thrilled to announce that Foul Play, the daemon-hunting brawler with a twist, will be launching on PS4 and PS Vita.  


    The beasty brawler is back in full polished glory and making its way to Sony platforms so they can participate in the perilous adventures of Baron Dashforth! Originally developed by Mediatonic for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC, Foul Play is a side-scrolling brawler that rewards performance over pummelling, and as the lead actor in the greatest show on earth it’s your job to keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

    Playing as the Victorian daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth, you must smash, strike, banish and beat your way through hordes of wildly costumed extras as you recount your incredible life story live on stage. Watch awe-inspiring scene changes play out before your eyes, as fires rage, pyramids rise, castles crumble and deadly monstrosities burst forth… NO expense has been spared in bringing this scarcely believable, but ENTIRELY ACCURATE story to the stage!

    Thrill the baying audience with your presence! Perform shattering takedowns, throws and reversals so perfect you’d swear they were choreographed backstage! String together awesome attacks as the Baron, or have a friend join as your loyal companion Scampwick. Prepare for drama as the Baron’s tale unfolds, from the harsh deserts of Cairo, to the shady streets of Victorian London… and beyond. The finest actors and actresses of the day have been employed to ensure the ABSOLUTE authenticity of the story. Prepare to play out the most spectacular and explosive moments of the Baron’s life; improbable beasts, astonishing villainy, and at the heart of it all – the mysterious Foul Play.

    Now stand by for the crowning glory! Take the show on the road as you share progress between PS4 and Vita! Explore stunningly customised 1080p sets and experience new difficulty levels and optimisations for each platform! Play in Understudy mode, Lead mode, or if you’re feeling daring, opt for Veteran mode to really liven up the performance!

    We’re really excited to be working with Mastertronic and our friends at Four Door Lemon to bring Foul Play to a new community of gamers. We had a lot of fun working on our minis titles for PSP and it’s great to be working on PS4 and Vita for the first time!” said Paul Croft, Director of Games.

    Andy Payne, CEO of Mastertronic said, “We love working with Mediatonic. When they gave us the chance to publish the PS4 and Vita version of their quintessentially English game, Foul Play it was the easiest decision of the year. We can’t wait to unleash this brilliance on the Playstation community quick sharp!

    Simon Barratt, Founder of Four Door Lemon adds, “We’re really excited to be working with our friends at Mediatonic, we’re big fans of their games and having the chance to work with them to bring Foul Play to Vita was one we jumped at!

    With beautifully animated scene changes to re-create the Baron’s adventures on-stage Foul Play is a game of drama, suspense and, above all, style, releasing on PS4 and Vita this Spring.

    Be one of the first to play Foul Play on PS4 and Vita! We will be showing Foul Play at EGX Rezzed on both the Sony and Mastertronic stands. For a press appointment please contact: mastertronic@cosmocover.com


    For more information about Foul Play check out the website: www.foulplaygame.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook


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