Fight for your right to a #Football life in #Hooligans:TheBravest #iOS @artikgames

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    Press Release


    June 30th, 2014


    – World’s First Football-Themed Battle Arena Action Game Out Now For iPad and iPhone –

    As World Cup fever grips the planet, in a parallel universe lovers of the beautiful game are not so fortunate. For the fans in Hooligans: The Bravest, football is more than a way of life – it is life itself. But the miserable military rulers have outlawed the game. It’s up to your brave band of Hooligans to take back your right to chant, cheer and play!

    Artik Games proudly presents the world’s first football-themed battle arena action game: Hooligans: The Bravest, available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad priced $2.99 / 2.69 € / £1.99.

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    As leader of the Hooligans, you will choose your hero, stand your ground and unleash your wrath on the military enemies using all the special attacks and powers at your disposal. Take control of different Hooligan heroes, attract new recruits with fortifying drinks, capture shelters, defeat enemies and destroy their bases while defending yours.

    On your journey through a series of gorgeously rendered cities, you will come up against a variety of punishing opponents and test your mettle in intense boss fights. Along the way you will need to recruit new units to give your firm the edge over the oppressive anti-football regime.

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    Collect skulls and use them to upgrade your base and units. Win tickets to upgrade your hero and buy crazy special powers from the in-game store.

    The future of football is in your hands. It’s time to be… THE BRAVEST!

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    About Artik Games
    Artik Games is an independent games and entertainment studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a few blocks from San Telmo and the famous Boca Juniors Football Stadium. The team is passionate about the entertainment industry and believes in creating amazing quality games filled with fun, action and adventure. The hardworking team is comprised of top artists and designers, ninja code developers, community, marketing and business folks who between them have years of experience creating amazing products and services. Artik is a truly collaborative workplace where every team member has a say in game design and development.
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