Exciting additions coming to tactical RPG The Last Spell in upcoming DLC Dwarves of Runenberg, arriving April 24th for PC

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    Exciting additions coming to tactical RPG The Last Spell in upcoming DLC Dwarves of Runenberg, arriving April 24th for PC

    This DICE Awards-nominated game has sold over 400,000 copies!

    PARIS, April 10th, 2024 – Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games today announced The Last Spells acclaimed tactical RPG combat will deepen in challenge and complexity through Dwarves of Runenberg, new DLC just revealed in a trailer featured in the The Triple-i Initiative showcase. Dwarves of Runenberg will be released on April 24th for the PC version (Steam and GOG) of The Last Spell for €7.99 and follows The Last Spell clearing more than 400,000 copies sold ahead of its fiercest monster-slaying battle yet.


    Dwarves of Runenberg adds a new map in the town of Runenberg, where destructible, explosive crystals and mob-spawning statues will challenge even The Last Spell’s most renowned tacticians. The DLC will also add a Dwarven playable character class while introducing a perks-granting system tied to the race of each warrior and three types of weapons paired with their own distinctive skills. Dwarves of Runenberg’s additions collectively offer refreshing alternative strategic approaches to The Last Spell’s intensely rewarding battles against droves of monsters.

    Separately, The Last Spell will also see the release of a free content update offering a new weapon pool dilution system, over 20 new perks and trinkets, as well as bug fixing, for all main PC game owners, regardless of whether they pick up Dwarves of Runenberg.

    The Last Spell pairs turn-based combat, procedurally generated flanks of foes and stashes of gear, astonishingly large enemy armies reminiscent of Musou games, and roguelite elements to offer a distinct, highly replayable challenge. The Haven’s most promising defenders will learn to overcome disadvantages and the brute force of beastly hordes, gaining new skills and strategies through tense fights intensified by a pulse-spiking progressive metal soundtrack. Surviving The Last Spell’s brutal but fair onslaught will be nothing short of miraculous, but with wit to match the might of its defenders, humanity’s final Haven can still persevere.

    Join the war against humanity’s demise by purchasing The Last Spell. Keep tabs on The Last Spell’s devilish mobs and their relentless threats by visiting Ishtar Games’ Discord, and follow @TheArcadeCrew and @ishtar_games on X.

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    About Ishtar Games
    Ishtar Games is a development studio and an indie publishing label, based in Lille and Bordeaux (France).Their previously released titles include The Last Spell, the Dead in series and Lakeburg Legacies.