Enchanting platformer Telmari speedruns onto PC and Mac on February 16

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    Enchanting platformer Telmari speedruns onto PC and Mac on February 16

    Get hands-on with your trusty toilet plunger bow and cute cat companion with a demo at Steam Next Fest next month

    25th January 2024 – Miami, USA – Developer Phoenix Blasters are today proud to announce the release date for their debut title, Telmari, launching 16th February on Steam for PC and Mac. To get a taste of Telmari before it launches, the game will be featured at Steam Next Fest from the 5th-12th of February, where you’ll be able to get hands-on with a demo version.

    A beautifully crafted platformer with a speedrunning twist, players take on the role of Telmari – a brave young girl on a quest to save her beloved sunflowers. Traverse over 100 levels in the world of Agra, guided by a feline companion on your way to the demon tree.

    Armed only with a bow and some plunger-headed arrows, Telmari can fire projectiles onto surfaces, which she can then use to bounce herself over obstacles. An easy mechanic to pick up, but one which can become head-scratchingly tricky later down the line. Telmari’s cat companion will lead the way through the levels ahead, showing you the quickest, most streamlined way to finish – see if you can beat them!

    • Jump, shoot, and bounce your way over obstacles and creatures.
    • Hand-crafted art style brings Telmari and her world – Agra – to vivid life.
    • Easy to learn, tough to master, hard to drop!
    • Steam Deck compatible from day one.
    • Leaderboard to compare your times with players from all over.

    For new updates on Telmari, make sure to follow Phoenix Blasters on Twitter. You can also find out more on the Phoenix Blasters website.

    Phoenix Blasters:
    Phoenix Blasters is a Miami-based, tight-knit indie developer made up of two brothers and a close family friend. They’re currently working on their first game, Telmari, a speedrunning platformer that centers on addictive, lovingly crafted level design, toilet plunger bows, and feline friendship.

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