Demon’s Mirror unleashes nightmarish deckbuilding roguelike later this year – new Steam demo available today in Steam’s Deckbuilders Fest

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    Demon’s Mirror unleashes nightmarish deckbuilding roguelike later this year – new Steam demo available today in Steam’s Deckbuilders Fest

    Get lost in a labyrinth of your worst nightmares with the latest title from Good Shepherd Entertainment and Be-Rad

    LOS ANGELES, March 25th, 2024 – Cardslinging publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and potentially demonic developer Be-Rad Entertainment announced that Demon’s Mirror, an upcoming and completely innovative new deckbuilder game, is playable now for free as part of Steam’s Deckbuilders Fest running from today through April 1st. Fans can catch the free demo today alongside a brand new video showcasing the game’s innovative grid manipulation battle system at work.


    Demon’s Mirror is a new roguelike deckbuilder that fuses the deckbuilding and grid manipulation genres immersing players in a terrifying world of suspense and strategy. Through deck-building and chain-3 mechanics (matching 3 or more tiles), players are challenged to restore balance to a dark and chaotic realm via one of three demons. Set off on your quest, find and collect new cards to gain power and harness punishing combos in this completely unique roguelike deckbuilder.  

    Face challenging turn-based combat encounters with formidable enemies and unpredictable scenarios that change with each run. Don’t panic though, as making hasty decisions will lead to your demise. Survival in Demon’s Mirror is reliant upon mastering the strategic balance between playing cards and chaining tiles. Unique grid manipulation adds a fresh complexity to combat encounters, empowering players to unleash devastating combos while chaining tiles to attack, defend, and gather resources. 

    Chase the perfect run as no two playthroughs will be the same. Chance events will cause you to make interesting choices, strange creatures will present themselves to you and discover hidden secrets throughout the world.  

    Stay up to date on everything Demon’s Mirror by following Good Shepherd Entertainment on Twitter @GoodShepherdEnt and Be-Rad Entertainment @BeRad_Ent.

    About Good Shepherd Entertainment
    Good Shepherd Entertainment is an award-winning independent game publisher based in the Netherlands. The company has built a robust global footprint, shepherding talented development teams to create impactful games that innovate, challenge, and – most importantly – entertain. They have done this by pairing creators with writers, musicians and IP powerhouses and through strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s most notable names, including Devolver Digital, Croteam and Perfect World. In addition to the acclaimed  Monster Train and John Wick Hex, GSE’s selection of titles includes Hellboy Web of Wyrd, Showgunners, Phantom Doctrine, the Transport Fever series, and the Hard West series. For more information, visit

    About Be-Rad Entertainment
    Founded by Brad Johnson, the studio has been around since 2010, but took a break between 2015-2020 to work on other projects. However, Be-Rad Entertainment is back to making indie games! Currently in development is Demon’s Mirror, a fresh take on the roguelike deckbuilding genre. Notable past releases include Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, WarGames: WOPR, and Lame Castle. For more information, visit


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