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    Press Release


    LOS ANGELES – Oct. 20, 2017



    Just in time for Halloween, the side-scrolling action MOBA Hyper Universe introduces players to the new Hyper, Shasha, a charming little witch, festive emblems and skins, and several gameplay balance changes.

    Additionally, Hyper Universe will be free to play until Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. CET. Players who reach account level 7 will be rewarded with permanent access to the game through the Nexon Launcher beyond the free trial period.

    The Hyper Universe Halloween content update features:

    • Eccentric New Hyper – Shasha:
      Being a witch has certain advantages, such as using an enchanted broom to quickly approach opponents and dispatch them with powerful curse magic. Shasha gets a bonus speed buff out of combat, and for added cuteness enters the battlefield with her kittycat sidekick, Kinny.

      Shasha can deal massive damage with formidable spells and curses; and her Ultimate Skill Sentinel Crystal punishes enemies who use their own skills while under its protective area.

    • Free Weekend:
      Starting now, players can enjoy Hyper Universe for free until Oct. 23 at 11 a.m. PT. New players who reach account level 7 will retain permanent access to the game beyond this weekend, while new players who reach account level 15 during this weekend will unlock a free Founder’s Pack.

      Players who have created accounts prior to this event can earn bonus skin cubes just by playing matches. Complete 20 Delta Station AI or Regular matches by the end of the weekend and snag 20 skin cubes; complete 10 Dragon Refuge matches to receive an additional 20 skin samples which guarantee Valter’s Shield of Aquinas Skin.

    • Halloween Skins and Emblems:
      For two weeks, players can obtain a limited-edition Halloween emblem just by playing a single match. Nexon America is also introducing two exclusive Halloween skins for Cain and Green Pit Bull. Win or lose, players will have a chance to collect samples to create the newest skins. Logging in everyday grants enough materials to craft these skins.
    • Balance Changes:
      Based on invaluable community feedback, players can expect a round of balance adjustments, including modifications to the Striker class. Damage dispersion is now more even, and AI matches also have undergone changes to experience and gold gain in Veteran Mode for Veteran and Elite AIs. Lastly, players can expect upgrades to cube crafting and matchmaking.

    Assets : HU Official Trailer / HU CG Trailer / Oct. 19 Update Assets

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    Hyper Universe - Free Weekend Event


    About CWAVESOFT http://cwavesoft.net
    Cwavesoft Inc. is an independent game studio located in Seoul, South Korea. Founded by Eundo Chae in 2013, the studio was formed with the purpose of creating fun, entertaining experiences for players through creative and challenging gameplay. Side-scrolling action MOBA, Hyper Universe, is the developer’s debut title.

    About Nexon America Inc. http://www.nexon.net
    Nexon America, a subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), is a global leader in online games, with more than 100 live games operated across more than 190 countries. Nexon pioneered micro-transactions and the free-to-play business model, and is widely credited with unmatched global expertise in sophisticated live game operations, nurturing player communities, and for sustaining titles for years, even decades. Founded in Korea in 1994, the company is now headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2017, Nexon was placed on the Nikkei Stock Index 300.



    Hyper Universe - New Hyper - Shasha (1)

    Hyper Universe - Halloween Update

    Hyper Universe - Halloween Update 2

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