Com2uS Records Total Revenue of 119 Billion KRW with Operating Profit of 38 Billion KRW in Q3

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    Press Release


    November 9th, 2018

    Com2uS Records Total Revenue of 119 Billion KRW with Operating Profit of 38 Billion KRW in Q3


    Com2uS today announced its 2018 Q3 results with the total revenue of 119 billion KRW, operating profit of 38 billion KRW, and net income of 29.8 billion KRW.

    Com2uS continued its concrete position in the global market in the third quarter. About 83% sales (99.4 billion KRW) were raised from overseas, having at least 80% of sales from overseas for the 15th consecutive quarter. In particular, about 50% of the sales came from North American and European markets.

    In addition, Com2uS achieved over 30% operating profit from its global hit game “Summoners War” and baseball games “MLB 9 Innings 18” and “Com2uS Pro Baseball 2018” among others and is continuously building a stable profit structure.

    Meanwhile, Com2uS plans to strengthen its popular games’ intellectual property (IP) and launches new games of various genres to deeply enter the global market.

    Summoners War, which has been positioned as one of the best IPs in the global market, will continue to carry out global eSports competition (SWC 2018) along with strategical updates and global promotions. Com2uS plans to expand the life cycle of Summoners War by increasing the satisfactions among existing users as well as new users. Also, Summoners War plans to enhance its brand value by expanding its IP; working together with global companies such as Skybound and Funko to release animations, comics and merchandises.

    Moreover, Com2uS plans to release its new RPG “Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes”, based on Activision’s famous IP. The global pre-registration has already been opened, and is planned to be released by the end of this year. Com2uS is aiming at the western market to build this game as the next global content. Com2uS is especially preparing differentiated marketing services for each region that will emphasize its IP and main aspects of the game in consideration of regional characteristics.

    Lastly, the company plans to target the global mobile game market by building a strong IP with its own development lineup of various games including MMORPG, sports and sandbox. 

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