Com2uS Opens a Global Beta Test of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

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    Press Release


    Seoul, Korea – June 15th, 2018

    Com2uS Opens a Global Beta Test of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes 


    Com2uS today announced the start of beta testing for Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, a new mobile RPG experience based on Activision’s popular toys-to-life videogame franchise.

    The beta test will be live until the 25th, and is open worldwide in 9 different languages. Anyone with Android devices can download the game on Google Play to play the game.

    In addition, Com2uS has revealed a clip (25 seconds) that shows the game concept and characters on YouTube, increasing a lot of attraction from the players. 


    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is a turn-based, action RPG adventure where players assume the role of Portal Master, drawn into Skylands from a dimensional rift caused by the dastardly dark magician, Kaos. As Portal Master, players will traverse ten diverse Skylands with multiple stages and boss battles.

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Players can meet various characters from the original IP (Intellectual Property) on mobile. Featuring deep progression and combat systems, Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes allows players to collect and combine Skylanders with multiple evolution states, skills and elemental powers, to form unique attacks to best their opponents. The game will also include an engaging PvP mode (Championship Arena) that features a real-time battle arena for users to engage with each other.

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is currently at the end stage of its development and plans to release its official launch on the App Store and Google Play Q3 of this year.

    More info on the game and the beta test can be found at the Official Facebook Page.



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