Com2uS Launches Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

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    Press Release

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    LOS ANGELES – December 13th, 2018 

    Com2uS Launches Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

    – Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes launch starts in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand –
    – The new mobile RPG comes packed with new awakened Skylanders and a unique and strategic battle system –
    – Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes to make worldwide debut in 2019 –

    Com2uS today announced that its brand-new upcoming title, Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes has officially launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is an all-new mobile RPG developed by Com2uS in collaboration with Activision. Players will be diving into the world as Portal Masters, the acting guardians of Skylands, and set out on an adventure to track down the villain Kaos and retrieve the stolen Book of Dark Magic.

    The game allows players to engage in thrilling battles featuring a variety of Skylanders’ attributes and skill sets. In addition, real-time mana gauges and turn-based battles bring strategic elements into the fold.

    Players will be able to enjoy a wide range of action-packed game content which features a ten-part story, challenging dungeons, and global PvP.

    With the launch of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, the game will be hosting a variety of new comer events.

    A Com2uS representative commented, “We’ve worked hard to make sure that people all over can enjoy the same great Skylanders™ franchise that they know and love on their mobile devices. Starting with the releases in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, we’ll do our best to bring the Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes experience to the rest of the world as well.”

    For more information on the game’s global launch, visit the official Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes pre-registration page and official Facebook.



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