Classic Action Platformer Another World Now Available on Nintendo Switch™

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    Press Release


    Paris – July 9th, 2018

    Classic Action Platformer Another World Now Available on Nintendo Switch™

    – The masterpiece that inspired a generation of games is back –

    French developer and publisher Dotemu announced today that Another World, the groundbreaking 1991 cinematic platformer from The Digital Lounge, is available on the Nintendo Switch for €9.99.


    The game takes players on a thrilling adventure following a young physicist’s accidental discovery of a mysterious and dangerous alien world. Players must explore beautiful locales, defeat aliens in firefights and outwit creative puzzles in their search for a way home.

    Known for their attention to detail and masterful revivals of cherished retro games, Dotemu worked with Another World’s original creator Eric Chahi to ensure the Nintendo Switch version stay true to the debut’s iconic sci-fi aesthetic and gameplay.


    Another World’s Nintendo Switch version features:

    •        Gorgeous, immersive HD visuals
    •        Real-time switching between updated and classic graphics
    •        Three difficulty modes
    •        A captivating, branching world to explore and fight through
    •        Inventive and satisfying puzzles
    •        An atmospheric, ambient soundtrack


    For more information on Another World and updates on all Dotemu news and games, follow them on Twitter ( and visit



    About The Digital Lounge:
    The Digital Lounge is the publisher of Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, True Fear and Dino Dini’s Kick Off. “Publisher 3.0”: we build a strong relationship with the game creators to support them with marketing, communication and sales operations worldwide; it is in our DNA. We believe inspiration, business and fun go hand in hand. Our passion for games has no limit, and we make it our mission to connect creators and players. To learn more, please visit:

    About Dotemu:
    Dotemu is a French video game company specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games. Our mission is simple: give every gamer access to yesteryear’s classic video games on today’s platforms, including PC, mobile, console and more. Working alongside the world’s most cherished and recognized publishers, the Dotemu team has produced a number of global top-sellers across both PC and console, including Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Windjammers, several games in the Ys series and more.

    Founded in 2007, Dotemu leverages its considerable technological know-how to maintain the original spirit of classic games while giving them a second life as rediscovered gems for a new generation of gamers.







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