Carrier Assault Update for EVE: Valkyrie Available Now!

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    Press Release


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    Reykjavik – June 20th, 2016

    Carrier Assault Update for EVE: Valkyrie Available Now!

    – First Free Update Adds New Game Mode, New Map, New Content, and Other Improvements –

    CCP today launched the Carrier Assault update for EVE: Valkyrie, the VR game for Oculus Rift launched in March.  Carrier Assault is the first major free update to EVE: Valkyrie. In addition to the all-new Carrier Assault multiplayer game mode, EVE: Valkyrie pilots will also be getting the new Crossroads map, the new Boost Gate feature and loads of other improvements and updates.

    A developer blog written by Lead Designer Andrew Willans with more information about the Carrier Assault update can be found here.

    A trailer that introduces the mode can be found here:

    Headlining today’s update is a new game mode: Carrier Assault.  Carrier Assault is a three-stage objective-based mode that takes VR space combat to explosive new heights. Until now the enemy’s carrier has been off limits in EVE: Valkyrie. In the Carrier Assault game mode, players now have the opportunity to get up close and personal, battering down the enemy carrier’s defenses and carving out a path to deliver the killer blow and put it out of action in an explosive finale.

    The Carrier Assault update also includes:

    • A new multiplayer map: Crossroads
    • New Echoes, Salvage, and Survival single-player missions
    • New Boost Gates in multiplayer maps that bring an increased sense of speed and add new combat tactics
    • Match bonuses that give players additional experience for completing matches, regardless of the outcome
    • Ship balancing – Many of the game’s ships have updated stats based on feedback from the EVE: Valkyrie community
    • Improvements to AI behaviour and other fixes

    The Carrier Assault update is available now for all owners of EVE: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift via a mandatory update on Oculus Home.  It will be included in the game at launch for PlayStation VR this October, and for HTC Vive in 2016.

    Additional free content will be made available to all owners throughout the game’s lifetime.  More information about EVE: Valkyrie can be found at

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