Breach & Clear, Xeodrifter, and more in the Gambitious Humble Weekly Bundle

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    Press Release


    December 4th, 2015

    Breach & Clear, Xeodrifter, and more in the Gambitious Humble Weekly Bundle

    – Plus Discounts on Hard West and Pathologic Classic HD –

    The Humble Weekly Bundle welcomes Gambitious Digital Entertainment for a seven day stretch of infectious monsters, interstellar nomads, speeding trains, and discounts on Hard West and Pathologic Classic HD.

    The ‘pay what you want’ bundle of indie games includes Breach & Clear, Hard Reset Extended Edition, and Mutant Mudds Deluxe.

    Pay above the average to unlock Breach & Clear: Deadline, Xeodrifter: Special Edition, and Magnetic: Cage Closed Special Edition, with a special bonus, Train Fever, for any purchase of $8 or more.

    In addition to the great games already mentioned, each bundle includes Humble Store coupons for the newest releases from Gambitious, including 25% off Hard West and 33% off Pathologic HD Classic.

    Gambitious Humble Bundle Image 1

    About Hard West
    A tactical, turn-based western of six-shooters and the supernatural, Hard West is the hardened tale of a man consumed by tragedy and walking a dangerous path to punish those who wronged him. Vengeance is all that remains, and only one thing is certain: dying is the easy part.

    Watch the Hard West launch trailer:

     About Pathologic Classic HD
    Ten years since its debut, Pathologic has spread to become a worldwide cult classic, its macabre storytelling both unsettling and alluring in its eccentricity, its gameplay prodding at the fragile boundaries of convention. Experience it for yourself in the completely remastered Pathologic Classic HD.

    Watch the Pathologic Classic HD launch trailer:


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