Are you man or monster? Discover what lurks within yourself with Monstrum 2

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    Are you man or monster? Discover what lurks within yourself with Monstrum 2

    Pre-purchase and Closed Beta sign-ups available for 4v1 survival horror game now

    June 18th, 2020 – Monstrum 2, the multiplayer survival horror game slated for launch on PC in the last quarter of 2020, is now available for Closed Beta testing as well as pre-purchase.

    Gaze into the abyss:


    Indie developer Junkfish’s cult nautical horror game Monstrum returns as an asymmetric multiplayer sequel featuring up to 4v1 gameplay, set on an abandoned sea fortress. Monstrum 2 takes survival horror to the next level by combining first person stealth gameplay with extensive procedurally generated environments that keep each playthrough dynamic. 

    Choose to work as a team of stranded prisoners seeking a means of escape, or hunt them down as a terrifying monster.

    Play as a human prisoner

    • Use teamwork to complete puzzles, clear obstacles, and unlock new areas. 
    • Scavenge items that can help you exploit the environment and outwit the monster.
    • Stay stealthy by using hiding spots and distractions to your advantage.


    Play as a monster

    • Master different monsters and use their unique abilities to hunt down the prisoners.
    • Smash through walls, climb on ceilings, leap across distances, or teleport to your prey. Each monster leverages the environment in unique ways to ambush unsuspecting players.


    Replayable Environment

    • Immerse yourself in an atmospheric metal labyrinth that randomizes its layout, rooms, puzzles and traps each time you play.


    Sign up for the Closed Beta now and pre-purchase Monstrum 2 at a special discounted price to receive bonus content plus Early Access to the game. 

    For updates and information on Monstrum 2, follow Junkfish on Facebook and Twitter.

    About Junkfish: 
    Junkfish is a BAFTA Scotland and Develop Award nominated games company based in Dundee, Scotland. After working together at Abertay University, the team was officially formalised in 2013 and released their critically-acclaimed rogue-like survival horror game “Monstrum(R)” in 2015.


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