6 Million Downloads and Counting: the Colorful Shock and Awe of Tactile Wars

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    Press Release


    Roubaix, France – May 12th, 2016

    6 Million Downloads and Counting: the Colorful Shock and Awe of Tactile Wars

    – More updates mean more fun, as the finger-fired paintballs just keep flying –

    Pop quiz: where can you see 2.7 billion paintballs explode in a rainbow of color every single week? Yes folks, you guessed it: Tactile Wars!

    The sophisticated French transmedia virtuosos at Ankama got a real kick this week with the news that App Store Editor’s Choice title Tactile Wars has blasted through the 6 million download barrier on iOS and Android. Originally released in August 2015, the title has become an unstoppable juggernaut of finger-friendly micro-military chromatic combat.

    And the updates just keep coming. Today’s delivers a new booster system with free random daily booster, new color changing item to flip your hue of choice, mercenary rental feature for a pro-soldier battle boost, and more. Plus, the recently added Color War mode really upped the saturation stakes. Players all over the world are duking it out for domination and ploughing their way through billions of paintballs in the process (2.7 billion per week if you’re counting).

    Bring some color to your life with the trailer right here:

    YouTube Direct 

    Tactile Wars turns your finger into a weapon of mass destruction. Use your favorite digit to direct legions of dinky little paintballers against endless volleys of colorfully armed opponents. Build impenetrable defenses, hire ruthless mercenaries, form cunning alliances, and watch your enemies go up in a puff of primary-colored powder. It’s time to show you’ve got balls. Paintballs.

    It’s addictive! It’s colorful! It’s cute! Are you still here? Go play already!

    The game is free to download via the App Store and Google Play in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

    Keep up with all the latest polychromatic game news on Facebook or on the official website.

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