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    Press Release


    London – 16th May 2014



    One-of-a-kind independent developer Alan Zucconi and UK independent publisher Mastertronic today announced a myriad of new updates to gravity simulator 0RBITALIS, currently available on Steam Early Access.

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    Updated features to further enrich the celestial experience include friend leaderboards and histograms to let players compare score distribution at a glance. Quality settings and zoom effects have also been refined to create a more streamlined experience, and there are new ambient soundtracks from Doseone. Think you’ve mastered your orbit? Ten new levels have now been added to increase the challenge!

    Alan Zucconi said: “It’s hard to describe the amount of positive feedback I’ve had from the community so far. Seeing people playing for days, trying to achieve a stable orbit, has been the biggest reward for me. This is why the update brings new features such as friends leaderboards and histograms.”

    “I also showed the game to the developers of Kerbal Space Program, resulting in a secret level which reproduces the Kerbol System,” continued Alan. “The update also features homages to other big indie titles such as Robin Arnott’s SoundSelf. I am looking forward to hearing the players’ feedback and I really can’t wait for the next update.

    Stuart Morton, Producer at Mastertronic, added: “0RBITALIS has been going down a storm with the thousands of people who have so far picked it up and this update by Alan is the result of their feedback. The Steam Early Access community is a great help for developers and I have no doubt 0RBITALIS will continue to improve.

    0RBITALIS is a simulation that blends physics perfection with gaming, available now on Steam Early Access for PC.

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    About Alan Zucconi

    Alan Zucconi is a passionate independent developer, awarded as one of Develop’s ‘30 Under 30’. He started his career to fully explore his creativity, designing experimental gameplays and interactive experiences. His upcoming titles include the time travel platformer ‘Still Time’ and the gravity simulator ‘0RBITALIS’. Ask him for a biscuit.

    About Doseone
    Adam Drucker, better known by his stage name Doseone, is an American rapper, producer, poet and artist. He is a co-founder of the indie hip hop record label Anticon. He has also been a member of numerous groups including Deep Puddle Dynamics, Greenthink, Clouddead, Themselves, Subtle and 13 & God.

    About Mastertronic
    Mastertronic is a multi-platform independent games publisher working with independent games developers making games that we want to play ourselves. We love games, games developers and gamers.





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