Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend on Steam Celebrates All That Is Good and Right in the World

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    Press Release

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    Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend on Steam Celebrates All That Is Good and Right in the World

    – Overly Generous Discounts Push World Economy into Free Fall –

    The serial capitalists at Devolver Digital have announced the annual Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend has reared its head once again on Steam with discounts of up to 90 percent off on Devolver Digital games and films [] from August 13 to August 17.

    Devolver Publisher Weekend

    Celebrated Devolver Digital games that were once thought to be prohibitively expensive to the common gamer have been discounted down to a level that even the unwashed masses may finally indulge in their digital opulence. The exorbitant prices thrust upon critically acclaimed titles like The Talos Principle, Hotline Miami, and Shadow Warrior by the profit-centric publisher have been temporarily lowered so that even the most common gamer from the slums of the internet can taste their glory.

    The corporate jet isn’t going to gold plate itself so I encourage all gamers to go out and spend any and all disposable income on Devolver Digital video games,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

    The independent cinematic fare from Devolver Films are also heavily discounted during the weekend event with movie projects like Super Game Jam, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, and Gaming in Color also up to 75 percent off. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

    Additionally, digital gems from Devolver Digital bestie Gambitious are also on sale over the weekend including first-person puzzler Magnetic, transportation simulator Train Fever, and undead tactical strategy game Breach & Clear: Deadline.

    For more information on Devolver Digital please visit or follow us on Twitter @devolverdigital and @forkparker.

    Discounts : AMAZING WORLD
    The Talos Principle 66% off
    Shadow Warrior 90% off
    Hotline Miami 2 33% off
    Titan Souls 50% off
    Not A Hero 50% off

    About Devolver Digital
    Devolver Digital is a multinational entertainment conglomerate originally founded in 2009 as a division of the Nestle Corporation tasked with developing, marketing, and distributing weapons-grade chocolate. The company was later spun off into an independent game label with no ties to chocolate or any other illicit confections.

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