Xeodrifter Launches TODAY on PlayStation4 & PlayStation Vita

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    Press Release


    Drifting through the cosmos

    Xeodrifter Launches TODAY on PlayStation4 & PlayStation Vita

    – Cult indie hit will feature cross-buy support on the PlayStation Network –

    Award-winning indie developers Renegade Kid and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment announce the launch of the PC modern classic, Xeodrifter, which has made its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita users today for €9.99.


    Hailed as “Renegade Kid’s best game to date” by critics, Xeodrifter puts players in the role of a galaxy traveling nomad whose ship reluctantly becomes stranded in the dark void space. To rebuild his ship and go home, players will explore four sprawling planets as they unlock new abilities to further their means of exploration and upgrade their weapons to become a more formidable threat to the dangerous wildlife that inhabits these foreign worlds.

    Harnessing a retro Metroid vibe, Xeodrifter blends modern gameplay elements with a style familiar to gamers spanning a generation. Recrafted for PlayStation controls, gameplay will feel familiar but fresh to Sony fans. Face off with epic bosses, explore distant planets and gain control of easy to use but hard to master weapons as you navigate your way home.

    For complete information about Xeodrifter, check out http://www.xeodrifter.com and Gambitious.com.

    About Renegade Kid
    Founded in 2007 by Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove, Renegade Kid LLC is an award-winning independent video-game development studio based in Austin, Texas. Having created many memorable gaming experiences for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, with titles including the Dementium series, Moon Chronicles, ATV Wild Ride 3D, Bomb Monkey, and Mutant Mudds. The studio is always expanding its portfolio by exploring new gaming platforms, such as PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and mobile devices. Renegade Kid is excited about the future of video-games, and continues to devote its efforts towards creating fun, high quality games.

    About Gambitious
    Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a publishing label created as a key component of an ongoing effort to offer artist-friendly digital content production and publishing (inspired by Devolver Digital) to an ever-growing number of developers around the world, utilizing an evolving set of creative crowd finance tools and techniques to get more great games funded, produced, and successfully released. They’ve also won every publisher dance-off they’ve been invited to.







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