Devolver Digital Makes a Stink: Gassy Mob Farts onto iOS and Android

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    Press Release

    Gassy Mob - Key Art 

    Your Lower Intestines

    Devolver Digital Makes a Stink: Gassy Mob Farts onto iOS and Android

    – pfffffffft –

    The adorable tooting developers at Flee Punk and silent but deadly game label Devolver Digital announce today that Gassy Mob, a game about an angry mob trying to kill you because you farted on them, is squirting out on iOS later this year and on Android in early 2016.

    Let’s just let that one float for a minute.


    Gassy Mob puts you in control of an adorably colorful character that, having eaten as much as possible, now must release copious amounts of delightful gas in the vicinity of seemingly innocuous bystanders. However, after enough back-end blowouts, you’ll be running for your life pursued by a mob – expelling more gas along the way. Gain points with each dusting and level up your gastrointestinal prowess, unlock new powers, and make new helpful friends but be sure to avoid pitfalls and traps as you dodge the increasingly angry mob. Stay on your feet long enough to break wind as much as possible before the mob eventually runs you down.

    Gassy Mob’s blocky, colorful art style and delightful sound effects will be tooting its own horn (literally) at this month’s PAX Prime convention in Seattle, August 28-31 in the Devolver Digital booth of virtual wares, #3943.

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    Gassy Mob - 3

    Gassy Mob - 2

    Gassy Mob - 1

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