Moral-Puzzler Magnetic: Cage Closed Attracts You to Steam on May 26

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    Press Release


    Austin, Texas 


    – Welcome to Facility 7, Prisoner –

    Magnetic: Cage Closed drew fans in with its gameplay debut at PAX South earlier this year, and now the enigmatic puzzle game will drop gamers into a sinister world of survival, guilt and platforming action for PCs on May 26. The game will be available for €14.99 and in a special Collector’s Edition for €19.99. (


    Hailed as “memorable”, “rewarding” and “a step forward in the genre” in top media previews, the title boasts countless puzzles to solve and a branching storyline – meaning that each playthrough will offer the player brand new things to explore. Magnetic: Cage Closed also features a unique blend of platforming and puzzle gameplay, adding a second twist to the genre.

    Published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developed by the inquisitive minds at Guru Games, Magnetic drops players into the role of a prisoner serving time for past crimes in a vast, ever-changing prison with chambers that shift in random patterns. The title boasts innovative use of real-life magnetic properties to bring players realistic magnetism-fueled platforming, allowing players the ability to push, pull, slow down or speed up their movement through a series of increasingly complex puzzles. 

    Rocking a special magnetic gun, players are encouraged and pushed on by a sadistic warden controlling the complex. By manipulating and mastering magnetic forces, they must find a way out – but no choice is without consequence in Facility 7. In Magnetic each chamber offers a unique challenge, ranging from classic puzzles to moral choices. 

    Find out more about Magnetic at and follow Gambitious on Twitter, @GambitiousInc.

    Magnetic Collector's Edition Cover Artwork

    About Gambitious
    Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a publishing label created as a key component of an ongoing effort to offer artist-friendly digital content production and publishing (inspired by Devolver Digital) to an ever-growing number of developers around the world, utilizing an evolving set of creative crowd finance tools and techniques to get more great games funded, produced, and successfully released. They’ve also won every publisher dance-off they’ve been invited to.







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