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    Press Release

     Good Shepherd Logo_Silver

    Amsterdam – August 16th, 2017 


    – The newly rebranded publisher will help guide and grow indie game studios and their creations while respecting and rewarding the investors who support them –

    Gambitious B.V. was founded in 2011 as an unprecedented model for funding video game development, growing over time into an equally accomplished publisher of independent titles. Today its founders have announced a rebirth of that vision, backed by an infusion of new capital and expansion of its leadership team. The company, now rebranded as Good Shepherd Entertainment, will focus on improving production values in indie games, especially writing, music and voice acting, while strengthening its marketing team and aggressively growing its proprietary private investor network to participate in its successful revenue-sharing model.

    The newly expanded team includes executives from Devolver Digital, Sony, South by Southwest and Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson will dedicate the lion’s share of his time to Good Shepherd as its chief creative officer. Brian Grigsby, who helped start Devolver and has served the Company for the past three years as a management consultant, is now Good Shepherd’s CEO, while Gambitious founder Paul Hanraets will serve as president.

    “We love to start new things, iterating and evolving upon what we’ve created before,” said Mike Wilson. “I believe we’ve proven we do business in a way that works for indies and investors while remaining fair and transparent for everyone. Good Shepherd is a fresh vision continuing that same spirit.”

    “We are extremely pleased to expand the global media and entertainment experience of our investment team and governing board,” said Brian Grigsby. “The fresh operating capital will now allow us to prepare for scale and the expansion of our unique investment opportunity providing interested investors the means to participate in the billion-dollar global video game industry.”

    “Our most important job is to lend our ears, guide the project as needed, and help our partners achieve their vision,” said Ben Andac, who joins Good Shepherd as a business and product developer after years in product development at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. “As a publisher, we’re here to add value to each game and alleviate the burden of production while maintaining the utmost respect for developers’ creative freedom.”

    The upcoming games previously announced under the Gambitious publishing label – Milanoir, MachiaVillain, and Outreach – will now be released under the Good Shepherd name. Each of these titles will continue to receive the company’s full support, with all relevant assets rebranded appropriately.

    Good Shepherd‘s first original signings include Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge’s brilliant Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, which received seven “best of E3” nominations, and Phantom Doctrine, the company’s most ambitious project yet, which will be formally announced and shown at Good Shepherd’s first official presences at gamescom and PAX West.

    You can find out more about Good Shepherd at and on the social sites below:

    Twitter: @GoodShepherdEnt


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    About Good Shepherd

    Good Shepherd Entertainment publishes video games from independent artists worldwide and operates a proprietary investment platform for a growing global network of qualified investors seeking ​risk-mitigated participation in the $130B video game industry. Originally established in the Netherlands in 2011 as an equity crowdfunding platform under the name Gambitious BV, the Company became a publisher in 2014 with the release of Train Fever, which was the first game ever successfully published with equity crowdfunding. The Company has since funded and released over a dozen original games across eight digital platforms. The founders of Devolver Digital and Croteam, two very successful companies in independent game development and publishing, invested in the Company and joined its management in 2012. The Company rebranded in 2017 as Good Shepherd Entertainment following an investment by Advance/Newhouse, having established a track record of success with both independent developers and investors. 


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    Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

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