You’ve Got a Tank Now: Kingmakers Shows Off Destructible Environments & More in New Trailer at tinyBuild Connect Showcase

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    You’ve Got a Tank Now: Kingmakers Shows Off Destructible Environments & More in New Trailer at tinyBuild Connect Showcase

    The epic medieval sandbox game has been wishlisted by over half-million players on Steam since its viral announcement in March

    SEATTLE May 21, 2024 – Publisher tinyBuild and developer Redemption Road Games have unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Kingmakers, the epic medieval sandbox game that’s been wishlisted by over 560K players since its reveal in March. Witness massive battles featuring hundreds of soldiers and horses, and prepare to demolish your enemies’ destructible defenses with new anachronistic vehicles like motorcycles and tanks.


    Kingmakers throws you back in time to the age of all-out medieval warfare. As an elite task force operative, you’ll have to save the future in an epic action-strategy sandbox featuring thousands of soldiers at the same time. Build your kingdom, grab your gun(s), and lead your armies into massive, real-time simulated battles — solo or in co-op for up to four players.

    Key Pillars:

    • Change History & Save the Future: You’re the last hope in a dying world. Travel back 500 years to medieval England to change the course of a bloody war and, if you’re lucky, stave off the apocalypse.
    • Groundbreaking Medieval Simulation: Each battle runs as a fully real-time simulation with thousands of soldiers fighting simultaneously. Next-gen multi-threaded AI controls the decision-making and loyalty of every unit on the battlefield, combined with a unique procedural animation system for an unprecedented degree of character and combat fidelity
    • Brings Guns (and a Lot More) to a Sword Fight: Use assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored SUVs, bikes, attack helos, air strikes and more to make sure the history-altering goes smoothly. Put your sharpshooting skills to the test and wreak absolute havoc on the battlefield.
    • Command Your Troops in Battle: Seamlessly swap between combat and issuing orders at any time for endless strategic possibilities. Allocate legions of archers, swordsmen, spearmen, and cavalry, build fortifications, and plan your next move before diving right back into the fray.
    • Conquer Solo or Team Up in Co-op: Up to three friends can lead their own armies alongside yours in online co-op. Work together to break down the enemy castle’s defenses or guard allied strongholds against hordes of opponents. Prepare for an epic medieval multiplayer experience like no other!

    Kingmakers will launch into Steam Early Access later this year. Join the community by wishlisting the game now, and follow along on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest announcements.

    About tinyBuild
    tinyBuild started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer-publisher you can’t miss. The company’s dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world. The company has released dozens of games, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and more. Although headquartered in the Seattle Area, USA, the company has established a strong global presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, and Eastern Europe.

    About Redemption Road Games
    Redemption Road Games is an independent development studio with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles. The team has released several successful indie titles, including Road Redemption and Defy Gravity, as well as other projects for PC and consoles. The team’s focus on fun, realistic simulation and action-packed gameplay is evident in Kingmakers, their most ambitious title to date, launching in 2024 and published by tinyBuild.


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