[Video] “Sonic Origins Speed Strats” Episode 3 – Now Live

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    [Video] “Sonic Origins Speed Strats” Episode 3 – Now Live


    Let’s keep the fun going, Sonic fans! Following the worldwide release of Sonic Originsthe remastered multi-game collection of the original Sonic titles, today, SEGA released the third episode of Sonic Origins Speed Strats, bringing players up to speed on all things Sonic CD in Sonic Origins


    In the third episode of Sonic Origins Speed Strats, SEGA dives into how Sonic met Amy Rose, a kind-hearted and cheerful hedgehog who likes mystical things and fortune telling, as he tries to stop Dr. Eggman from destroying Little Planet and stealing its Time Stones. Amy Rose’s trusty tarot cards reveal she’d have a fateful encounter with Sonic, but events take an unexpected turn when Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman’s super advanced robot and Sonic’s look-alike, kidnaps Amy. 

    Below, you can find an overview of how players can help Sonic travel to the past and future to save Amy, Little Planet, and all of time from Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic in Sonic CD:

    • Time Travel Mechanics – In Sonic CD, the blue blur will have to time travel in each zone to stop Dr. Eggman and his Badniks from taking over Little Planet. This episode highlights the signs players can pass to reach top speeds and jump into the past or future. As players go into the past, they will be tasked with destroying Dr. Eggman’s equipment and holograms of Metal Sonic to stop his destructive plans in the future. 
    • Special Stages – Players must earn 50 Rings or more and jump into the giant ring to enter a Special Stage. Players may recognize this mechanic from Sonic the Hedgehog 1
    • Time Stones – Although these special stones look similar to Chaos Emeralds, the mythical Time Stones have the ability to grant the user power to control time once all seven are collected. In Sonic CD, players will embark on a mission to collect all seven Time Stones to ensure that Little Planet has a future. In order to get the Time Stone in each special stage, players must defeat all of the UFOs within the time limit. Time decreases if Sonic touches water, so do your best to avoid it! 
    • New Features – In Sonic Origins’ updated version of Sonic CD, players can employ Spin Dash as well as “Dash,” also known as the “Super Peel Out,” to start sprinting in a flash. When playing in “Anniversary Mode,” Sonic has his “Drop Dash” ability – first introduced in Sonic Mania. Also, players will be able to find Coins – the new currency in Sonic Origins. Sonic fans can also assume the role of the two-tailed fox: Tails. With his abilities to fly and swim, exploring each level becomes a whole lot easier. Story-wise, Sonic Origins includes two new animated cutscenes for Sonic CD. However, the original intro and outro are still available.

    Sonic Origins is now available starting at 39.99 € on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch™ family of systems and PC.