SoundSelf: A Technodelic launches today for PC, Mac and VR headsets

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    Press Release

     SoundSelf Logo

    Austin, Texas – April 23, 2020

    SoundSelf: A Technodelic launches today for PC, Mac and VR headsets

    – A transcendent video game experience to help beat lockdown stress –

    SoundSelf: A Technodelic, developed by Andromeda Entertainment, takes you on a meditative journey guided by your own voice. The entrancing experience is available today for PC and Mac (microphone required), and for VR headsets. 

    SoundSelf is available on Steam for €24.95.

    Take a dip into the immersive world of SoundSelf with the new launch trailer: 


    The SoundSelf experience is one of wonder, vastness, and timelessness in which you create and modify music and visuals by singing and humming. The sounds you make are transformed into relaxing forms and images that help you connect with your “deep self”. Lower the lights and take a step into the infinite world within.

    Videogames are an incredibly powerful tool for shaping a person’s consciousness.  With SoundSelf, we have an opportunity to flip the distraction of games into a healing interaction,” said Robin Arnott, game designer, consciousness hacker and CEO/Founder of Andromeda Entertainment. “The stress and isolation people are experiencing as a result of COVID-19 is not new. For all of our incredible advances in material wellbeing in the last century, Western culture has been suffering under growing levels of chronic stress and loneliness. Why is that? I don’t have a complete answer, but I know there’s a global need to slow down and introspect. There’s no reason that videogames can’t or shouldn’t be a servant in that process.”

    SoundSelf was the subject of a medical study by scientists at the NeuroMeditation Institute in the US, led by its founder Dr. Jeff Tarrant. The tests showed that SoundSelf can have a positive impact on player mood, reducing tension and increasing positive mood states such as calmness and happiness. 

    A summary of the results is available here.

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    SoundSelf available now via Steam for PC, Mac and VR headsets.
    Price: 24.95
    Press kit:
    Official website:
    SoundSelf at the Game Science Center Berlin.


    About Andromeda Entertainment
    Founded in January 2019, Andromeda Entertainment is the first publisher to super-serve the growing interest in mindfulness and wellness with transformative and immersive entertainment experiences. Led by Robin Arnott, experimental game designer and consciousness hacker, with co-founders Heather Ray, John McClellan, and Lyle Maxon, Andromeda creates and publishes deep interactive experiences that nourish the mind and body. First out titles include SoundSelf, developed by Andromeda, and Audio Trip developed by Kinemotik Studios, both to be released between 2019 and 2020. Visit us at Follow us @enterandromeda on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & Instagram.






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