#SelfieTennis: go play with yourself

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    Press Release

     SelfieTennis - Key Art

    April 5th, 2016


    – Go play with yourself –

    Launching alongside HTC & Valve’s Vive today, April 5th, is #SelfieTennis, from VRUnicorns and Devolver Digital.

    Check out some more videos here.

    #SelfieTennis is the creation of a freewheeling group of jammers who have gathered under the banner of VRUnicorns. With absolutely no knowledge of tennis beyond that it involves rackets and some balls, VRUnicorns have recreated tennis: you play with or against yourself in virtual reality and record your fancy tricks with the #SelfieStick for the world to see.

    “#SelfieTennis will change the way people think about tennis and playing with themselves” offered VRUnicorns’ #ChickenBitch, Julie Heyde, “Recreating one of the world’s most popular sports in VR by removing 50% of the players and altering pretty much all the rules makes perfect sense when you don’t think about it”.

    CEO, CFO and COO of Devolver Digital, Fork Parker commented, “I did not get to own 14 mansions, 6 helicopters and more yachts than I can possibly count by not knowing that all successful hardware platforms are powered by porn. When the marketing department told me they had a VR project that was all about playing with yourself, I was 100% behind it. Now I find that those clowns were talking about tennis.”

    #SelfieTennis is available for HTC Vive via Steam but does not support Virtual Boy…yet.

    More information on #SelfieTennis can be found at www.vrunicorns.com and by following @VRUnicorns and @devolverdigital on the Twitter.

    About VRUnicorns;
    A team of game jammers who travel the world pursuing an endless gamejam, #SelfieTennis is created by Horatiu Roman, Milan Grajetzki, Andy Schonau and Julie Heyde, supported by Simon Post and Andreas Jorgensen.

    About Devolver Digital; The less said the better.

    More press releases and hot news from Devolver Digital are available here.


    Selfie Tennis - Screen 1

    Selfie Tennis - Screen 5

    Selfie Tennis - Screen 4

    Selfie Tennis - Screen 3

    Selfie Tennis - Screen 2

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