New One Piece Film ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ set to be released in Japan, August 6th, 2022

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    New One Piece Film ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ set to be released in Japan, August 6th, 2022


    Paris, France – November 21st, 2021. The long-awaited fourth film in the series from General Producer Eiichiro Oda, is finally set to go! Directed by Goro Taniguchi of the CODE GEASS series, the movie ONE PIECE FILM RED is scheduled for release in Japan on Saturday, August 6th, 2022.

    Check out the teaser: 


    The legendary story begins anew! ONE PIECE FILM RED is the story of ‘Singing voice’ and ‘Red-haired’. The thrilling teaser video unveils the movie’s original character, designed by Eiichiro Oda. Little has been revealed about the character, except that they wear a headset microphone and sing to the sky. ‘Singing voice’ and ‘Red-haired’ will spark the imaginations of fans as to what kind of story will be spun in ONE PIECE FILM RED. In the teaser trailer, unveiled simultaneously with the teaser visual, the musical notation and notes flow on from the previous score, and the movie’s original character — who holds the key to the story — is revealed. In the final scene, ‘Red-Haired Shanks’, the pirate who inspired Luffy to go on his journey, makes an appearance that foreshadows the beginning of a new legend.

    What kind of adventure will take place and what trials await the Straw Hats? What’s the secret behind the ‘Red-Haired’? Stay tuned for further updates!

    Eiichiro Oda, General Producer, said: “We’re making a movie! RED! I’m tired of drawing legendary old men in movies LOL! Let me draw a girl! ‘This is the character we want to create now!’ That’s how it started. Did you know that the great director, Goro Taniguchi, who now appears to be making something totally different from ONE PIECE, was actually the first person in the world to make Luffy into an anime? We have a lot of surprises in store for you. The new movie, RED! Please let your imaginations run wild while you look forward to it!”

    Goro Taniguchi, Director, said: “Who wouldn’t want to go along with it when a former shipmate says, ‘Let’s play again!’ over a plate of meat? That’s the reason I decided to be involved in this project after such a long time. If possible, I’d like to look back at what ONE PIECE was for me and try to find answers that are very much mine. It may be a little different from the ONE PIECE of the past, but for precisely that reason, I want to express a ONE PIECE that has never been seen before. Of course, I don’t intend to ignore the previous TV series and movies. The ONE PIECE anime has such a great history. With that as a foundation, I would like to discover new possibilities with the help of Mr. Kuroiwa, the scriptwriter, and the rest of the team.”

    Tsutomu Kuroiwa, Screenplay Writer, said: “General producer Eiichiro Oda! Directed by Goro Taniguchi! All that’s left is to get the script right, and the project will definitely be interesting! It turns out that when Mr. Oda read the finished script, he said, ‘It’s fantastic!’ so I guess I was able to fulfil my role. Over the course of two years, I discussed with Mr. Oda and Mr. Taniguchi, and the process of getting closer to the goal little by little was like an adventure on a ship, the days passing like a dream. This is a story we wove together. I’m sure it will be a great movie that will touch many people’s hearts. Please look forward to it!”

    About One Piece
    Over 24 years since its initial serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, the incredibly popular Japanese manga ONE PIECE, written by Eiichiro Oda and published by SHUEISHA, reached a milestone when its 100th volume was released in Japan on September 3, 2021. As of November 2021, the cumulative total number of copies printed of the original comic book series has exceeded 490 million worldwide, demonstrating the immense popularity of the internationally renowned comic book. Additionally, the ONE PIECE Anime (airing every Sunday at 09:30 on the Fuji Television Network), which began broadcasting in 1999, finally reached its 1000th episode on Sunday, November 21, 2021. At the time of the release of the 100th volume of the ONE PIECE Manga, author Eiichiro Oda commented, “The story is in the final phase”, and both the comics and the anime are eliciting the most excitement in the history of the series. On Thursday, November 11, the countdown to the broadcast of the 1000th episode of the ONE PIECE anime started unexpectedly on the official ONE PIECE website and the official Twitter account, @OPcom_info. Many fans noticed the countdown and looked forward to the November 21 broadcast day with great anticipation.