Lose Yourself In An Enchanting Puzzle Adventure – TOHU Is Out Now On PC And Consoles

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    Lose Yourself In An Enchanting Puzzle Adventure – TOHU Is Out Now On PC And Consoles

    – Head on a fantastical journey to the mystifying Fish Planets with a soundtrack from Hollow Knight’s Christopher Larkin –

    LONDON – January 28, 2021 – Publisher The Irregular Corporation (Murder By Numbers) and developer Fireart Games are proud to announce that gorgeous adventure-puzzler game TOHU  launches today on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. TOHU is available now for €12.99, with an additional 10% launch discount for players on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS+ members only).


    Accompanying the game’s release is a brand new launch trailer which details the planet-trotting journey that players will embark on during TOHU. The adventure begins when The Girl’s peaceful world of the fish planets is disturbed by a strange, shadowy creature. With chaos its only intention, The Stranger destroys the sacred engine that is the key to this world – and now all life on the fish planets is under threat. Armed with nothing but her wits and a giant mechanical alter-ego, she’ll go on a quirky journey that will take her to strange environments and unexpected locales.

    The game’s stunning art direction and fascinating puzzles make TOHU one of the first don’t-miss titles of 2021.

    Set to a soundtrack by Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight), TOHU combines visual storytelling with a lush, engaging musical composition. On The Girl’s unforgettable journey to save the world you’ll come across eccentric characters such as Juncle, your forgetful friend and former caregiver, and The Broker, a highbrow trader who lives in a bathtub.

    In TOHU, the player can swap between The Girl and Cubus at any time to harness their unique abilities, but keep your wits about you: mystery lurks around every corner and you’ll need to plan, strategize and find creative solutions to intriguing puzzles to proceed. Whether it’s a search for critters needed to power your expanse-traversing fly-ship, or learning how to fire a cannon filled with moustachioed moles, TOHU is packed with an array of quirky and challenging conundrums to overcome. 

    Keep up to date with The Irregular Corporation on Twitter @IrregularCorp or hit up www.theirregularcorporation.com.

    About Fireart Games
    Fireart Games is a small independent game studio, focused on producing beautiful, handcrafted games with great gaming experience. 

    About The Irregular Corporation
    Inspired by the different passions of players across the world, The Irregular Corporation has been publishing unique and engaging games since 2015. With a focus on releasing exciting new experiences across a variety of genres, The Irregular Corporation is a global team of passionate industry professionals that use their experience to support independent developers and help realise the full potential of their games. Our published titles include PC Building Simulator, Good Company and we have recently launched Mars Horizon.

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