Lead Humanity’s Salvation from a Monster-Spawning Mist in Tactical Defense RPG The Last Spell’s Debut Demo

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    Lead Humanity’s Salvation from a Monster-Spawning Mist in Tactical Defense RPG The Last Spell’s Debut Demo

    – New Trailer Displays Agile Combat, Overwhelmingly Powerful Enemy Swarms –

    PARIS – June 15, 2020 – Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer CCCP today announced their partnership in support of The Last Spell, a PC-bound, arcade-paced fight to save humanity through tactical RPG battles paired with roguelite elements. In celebration of the announcement, The Last Spell’s first-ever demo will welcome strategists to the battlefield as part of the Steam Game Festival starting tomorrow until June 22.

    The Last Spell challenges players to master deeply rewarding combat as they lead a squad of hardened heroes defending the world’s remaining Haven. Faced with hordes of relentless monsters charging from a mysterious, toxic mist enveloping the world, commanders must strategically leverage each warrior to survive brutal, all-out onslaughts against their sanctuary while improving defenses and upgrading the buildings behind them. Witness the daunting scale of the battles ahead in The Last Spell’s new trailer:


    Parties are unrestrained by classes, allowing players extensive control as they build unstoppable fighters through versatile weapons, perks, and skills. The Last Spell’s action remains snappy despite its depth in party management and optimization; warriors can focus on slaying their unending foes instead of pouring over spreadsheets or volumes of narration.

    Surviving The Last Spell’s flood of varied enemies is difficult, but the challenge never feels unfair or insurmountable, and a strong sense of progression keeps defeat from feeling like failure. Should a party succumb to the mist’s hellish creatures, jumping into a new round takes seconds, and players return to the frontlines with a better understanding of how to avoid past blunders. Each session brings fresh trials through procedurally generated enemy waves along with different weapons and gear loadouts, making The Last Spell feel like a true test of a strategist’s ability to adapt and overcome anything.

    To keep an eye on The Last Spell’s swarming beasts, set a perimeter up around the game’s official Haven, get the latest intel through CCCP’s Discord, and get a preemptive strike on @TheArcadeCrew, @deadingames and @LeCCCP’s follow buttons on Twitter.


    About the Arcade Crew
    The Arcade Crew is based in Paris as a separate division of Dotemu. The boutique publisher is dedicated to producing and publishing awesome original games with a retro feel from small creative teams. The Crew is thrilled to discover and support new talents and create a real community around classic inspired titles. Get in touch with us at https://www.thearcadecrew.com/ and follow us on Twitter @thearcadecrew.

    About CCCP
    Founded in 2005, CCCP is a French studio of nearly 20 developers united by a passion for premium role-playing and management games. Developer behind original IPs including the fast-paced tactical RPG The Last Spell and acclaimed survival management simulator Dead in Vinland in addition to contract projects, CCCP is committed to creating deep, challenging single-player experiences offering a wealth of content and a satisfying sense of accomplishment.


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