Heroes don’t die, they respawn: get ready to challenge your reflexes with OkunoKA Madness

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    Press Release

    Heroes don’t die, they respawn: get ready to challenge your reflexes with OkunoKA Madness

    Built from the ground up for speedrunners, the evolution of the masocore platformer arrives September 8th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch

    July 30th, 2020, Milan – Ignition Publishing and Italian developer Caracal Games are proud to announce OkunoKA Madness, an evolution of the original masocore platformer OkunoKA, complete with new levels, bosses, features and challenges! Now available for pre-order on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, OkunoKA Madness will release on September 8th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Owners of the original OkunoKA on Nintendo Switch will receive a free upgrade to OkunoKA Madness!


    With a distinct hand-drawn visual style, OkunoKA Madness evolves the original game’s blend of challenging platforming speedrunning and once again sees you play as KA, a diminutive blue creature who sets out on a journey to save the world of souls from evil, in as stylish and fast a fashion as possible.

    Built from the ground up for speedrunners, OkunoKA Madness lets you play the way you want, as fast as you want. Offering three different speedrunning modes: across all worlds, single levels, or custom level selection, you’ll have complete freedom to challenge your reflexes and beat the clock. With fully customisable global and local leaderboards, challenge your friends to beat your best times across more than 100 levels, or even the world! 

    A continuous challenge, OkunoKA Madness will have you jumping, running and using elemental abilities at breakneck speed to traverse a corrupted land and defeat your mortal enemy, the Os. Unlock a huge roster of new characters, all with unique abilities, to transform the way you move and learn new ways to play. With countless hidden secrets and insane boss fights you’ll harness KA’s immortality to perform mind-numbing acrobatics and ultimately save the universe!



    About Ignition Publishing
    Ignition Publishing is a videogame publisher drawing talent from Accademia Italiana Videogiochi’s (AIV) best students. AIV has trained professionals working within the game industry since 2004. Every year the students of this leading Italian academy submit their concepts to their teachers’ attention. Ignition Publishing takes charge of the most promising ones and transforms them into reality, putting its technical experience, marketing and legals at the most brilliant students’ service. This way Ignition Publishing starts a virtuous circle that, granting them a share of the revenues as well, guides students in the world of work, making their creations playable on computer and consoles, and developing products guided from a consolidated structure and powered from an innovative vision.

    About Caracal Games
    Caracal Games is an independent studio born in Rome in 2015. It employs the skills of experienced professionals who have already worked directly or indirectly in the gaming industry. It features a high-level art department that comes straight from the world of 2D large-screen animation. Caracal debuted in 2017 with Downward, which is quite successful, selling more than 25 thousand copies distributed on Steam as its first title made by only 3 people. Caracal won the Italian Videogame Awards (the most prestigious prize for Video Games in Italy) with Downward. OkunoKA is the new chapter of this journey into the gaming and the first Caracal title on Nintendo Switch gaining 80 Metascore.


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