HARMONIC MEMORIES & CELESTIAL WORLDS – Two new Endless Space 2 music & lore content packs enter orbit.

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    Press Release


    15 november 2018 



    It’s a comet! It’s a meteor! Wait no, it’s two new Endless Space 2 content packs! In case you’ve been living on one of said flying objects for the past 2 years,ES2 is a grand strategy space opera that puts you at the helm of your own universe. Today we’re releasing Harmonic Memories and Celestial Worlds, music & lore add-ons, respectively. Are the titles lovely and poetic? Clearly. Are their contents equally lovely and poetic? We confirm it!

    Download the assets for Harmonic Memories & Celestial Worlds.

    HARMONIC MEMORIESKeyArt_HarmonicMinor_Final_1542131008

    We love the original Endless Space soundtrack, so we decided to bring it back in a set of shiny new versions brought to you by the fabulous FlyByNo. Conjure your very own Harmonic Memories with these 9 reimagined Endless Space 1 tracks. A few words from FlybyNo:

    For this musical add-on, I chose my 9 favorite songs from Endless Space and modernized them with new instruments and musicians.

    In two pieces we recorded some “duduk”, the Armenian flute emblematic of ES1’s main theme. I also recorded a duet of singers for all the choir parts (that I had sung myself at the time, and I can tell you that I sing particularly badly!). All the rhythmic parts were redone by my assistant Alexandre, and I replaced most of the synthesizers with brand new ones. The new synths include John Bowen’s Solaris and The River, a rare French synthesizer of which only 20 copies have been produced to date. I hope you enjoy listening to this creation as much as I did producing it.”

    As a bonus, we’ve also included a brand-new Harmony hero, FES2 Reflects. Reflects is a fatalist hero who has decided to accept Dust as a natural part of life to be understood, resulting in Reflects’ integration to the Academy (hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right?).

    Check out our compilation trailer for a sneak peek!


    In a new quest line featuring 14 chapters and multiple endings, the Academy leader begins to lose his grip on Academy operations. Restless heroes begin to make their own decisions, as they begin to see Unique Planets as sources of power that could be anybody’s property…

    Additionally, discover 2 new Unique Planets, 6 new Weapon Modules, and 8 new Empire improvements.

    Endless Space 2 is available on Steam.

    Harmonic Memories and Celestial Worlds are also available on Steam for $2.99/€2.99/£2.49 each.

    For more information on Endless Space 2, log on to www.endless-space.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information about SEGA, visit www.sega.co.uk.  









    Celestial Worlds Assets
    Harmonic Memories Assets

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