Find co-op bliss in KarmaZoo!

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    Find co-op bliss in KarmaZoo!


    Paris-based indie wizards Pastagames and zookeepers Devolver Digital are delighted to announce KarmaZoo, a chaotic, joyful multiplayer platformer for up to 10 players that encourages connection, cooperation, and generally just being a cool, nice person.


    Take control of one of 50 cute pixelated animal avatars, using their unique abilities to help you and your crew find bliss in cooperation. Be a team player—even if it means heroically sacrificing yourself—and you’ll harvest the most precious resource of all: sweet, sweet Karma.

    In Loop mode you’ll work together—with old friends or new ones you’ve met online—to tackle a series of increasingly challenging, dynamic levels that adapt to the size of your team and the characters you’ve chosen. The beauty of KarmaZoo is that every good thing you do, one way or another, earns you the Karma you need to unlock new characters for future Loops.

    Or if you’re feeling competitive, Totem mode lets up to 8 players go head-to-head in a series of frantic, quick-fire minigames.

    Approachable gameplay, cross-platform support between PC and consoles, a quirky emote-based communication system, and support for 22 languages means anyone, anywhere, can play KarmaZoo and help their team earn Karma.

    KarmaZoo is set to launch in 2023. Check out for more information.



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