Evoland: Legendary Edition receives a limited-edition physical PlayStation 4 release

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    Evoland: Legendary Edition receives a limited-edition physical PlayStation 4 release

    – Pre-order the cult action RPG series on June 11 from Red Art Games! –

    France, June 8, 2020 – Publisher Red Art Games, in partnership with developer Shiro Games, is proud to announce that Evoland: Legendary Edition, the cult action RPG bundle which takes players on a journey through the evolution of video games with Evoland 1 and Evoland 2, will receive a limited-edition physical release for PlayStation 4 in Q3 2020.

    Available for pre-order on June 11th, In Evoland: Legendary Edition players travel through the history of action/adventure gaming, where they’ll unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and graphic upgrades as they progress through the story. Paying homage to RPG classics, as well as movies which have inspired the genre, Evoland alternates between action RPG gameplay and active-time battles, whilst moving the character through a series of graphical styles which ultimately lead them to the HD age and a three-dimensional world. 

    Also available for pre-order on June 11th and due to release in Q3 2020, are the OST LPs of Evoland 1 and Evoland 2, featuring the series’ classic soundtrack on vinyl for the first time ever. Limited to 500 copies apiece, the Evoland 1 OST LP contains 18 tracks printed on sunshine yellow vinyl, with the Evoland 2 OST LP containing 51 tracks across 3 discs. Both editions are housed in sleeves featuring classic character artwork.

    Evoland 1 OST will be available for €29,99 and the three-disc vinyl set for Evoland 2’s OST will be priced at €59,99.

    To find out more, visit the Red Art Games website!

    About Red Art Games
    Founded in January 2018, Red Art Games is a French video game publishing company. It offers physical versions of video games only available in digital and in limited edition. The games presented on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, very retro gaming-oriented, are, therefore, particularly aimed at collectors. Today, Red Art Games has published no less than 30 video games, all platforms combined, and does not intend to stop there!

    About Shiro Games
    Shiro Games is an independent video game development studio based in Bordeaux, France. Our team is made of talented and passionate developers who strive for excellence and are brave enough to make bold decisions on a daily basis. We’re always looking for more great people with good hearts, a will to take on any challenge and the ability to bring a new perspective that will make Shiro Games an even better studio.


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