ENDLESS™ Dungeon Feature Focus #1, “Welcome to the Station”

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    ENDLESS™ Dungeon Feature Focus #1, “Welcome to the Station”

    – Amplitude Studios is launching a video series focused on ENDLESS™ Dungeon. In Ep. 1, learn about the game’s creation and de-mystify the connection to its predecessor! –

    Paris, June 18th, 2021 — Hot off the tail of the very first gameplay trailer, debuted at the Summer Game Fest kick-off, Amplitude Studios is back with more, spicy ENDLESS™ Dungeon content. This time it’s the first in a series of videos created to present their next entry into the rogue-lite genre.


    For this first installment, the backstory is covered! Like its predecessor Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ (aka DotE), ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a rogue-lite, tower-defense, tactical strategy game with multiplayer co-op. But while DotE was a bit of an accident, it became such a fan favorite that the studio just had to create its spiritual successor. 

    Of course, there are many key differences, including twin-stick action and direct control, plus current and next-gen console support from Day 1. 

    Check out the video above to hear straight from the brains behind the games, plus see some brand-new extended gameplay footage!



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