Dash, smash and slash to victory in new gameplay trailer for Windblown

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    Dash, smash and slash to victory in new gameplay trailer for Windblown


    Bordeaux, France – 3 April 2024 – Motion Twin, the indie developers behind the smash-hit rogue-lite Dead Cells, today provided a fresh look at their newest game – Windblown. Featuring explosive, fast-paced single-player and co-operative action, Windblown invites players to dash like a bolt of lightning and destroy dangerous foes when it launches on Steam Early Access later this year. 

    Watch the new gameplay trailer here:


    In Windblown, players will leap with speed through vast, ever-changing islands in the sky as they use a variety of powerful weapons to destroy the Sentinels – deadly minions of the Vortex that threaten their home. Movement is simple yet precise, with dashes launching the player between floating islands and platforms, evading deadly Sentinel assaults, and advancing towards the player’s next inevitable encounter. From the first leap into the Autumn biome and beyond, players will overcome countless adversaries whilst picking up different Weapons, Trinkets, Gifts and Fish to help unleash their Leaper’s full potential. 

    During a run, Windblown players will uncover a diverse arsenal of weaponry they can use to customize their expeditions into the unknown. Whether found in hidden treasure chests or dropped by defeated bosses, each weapon has a unique rhythm and strengths to consider when developing your ideal playstyle:

    • With two weapons at their disposal at any time via simple button presses, and easy-to-use Alterattacks that unleash the secret move of one weapon by using the other throughout an encounter, players are encouraged to mix up their playstyle and stay on their toes as they venture onwards.

    • Crystallize attacks can also be used to devastate enemies with powerful finishers that refill your energy and provide increased rewards – a perfect tool to maximize your chances within the Vortex that only become even more powerful when synchronized with other players via co-operative online play. Defeated Leapers return to their home in the sky to regroup and prepare for their next adventure back into danger for another chance at victory, either solo or online co-op depending on their preferences.

    • Additionally, Trinkets can be collected and unleashed throughout a run, letting Leapers devastate the environment with explosive bombs, chilling frost novas, or venomous poison clouds.
    • Gifts can also be unlocked which provide beneficial passive bonuses that can further augment your playstyle, like additional arrows fired at your enemy on any of your weapon hits, Double Alterattack that can allow dexterous players to chain these powerful moves, or bonuses that heal you after killing an enemy. 
    • Fish can also be unlocked during your journey which have hugely beneficial abilities that are certain to leave their mark on the Sentinels. For example, the Gobbling Fish might bounce along in a straight line and swallow an enemy in its path, providing a perfect opportunity to leap forward and attack the ensnared foe (which will also have the bonus effect of granting extra rewards upon being hit too). Fish have long cooldowns between uses, so their effectiveness comes into a whole new meaning when combined with the power of additional Leapers through online co-operative play where each player can use their own unique Fish ability at the perfect time. This synergy of weapons, powerful attacks and combos, Trinkets, Gifts, and Fish can blend together to make each player’s playstyle all their own every time they play and can be pushed to the maximum when players team up with others to make truly powerful combinations. 

    Launching in Early Access later this year, Windblown’s development incorporates active involvement with the game’s community, whose feedback and suggestions are integral to refining the exhilarating gameplay experience. Windblown’s Closed Alpha period recently concluded, with a number of key improvements to the game being incorporated following player feedback, including beefed up versions of Alterattacks plus new and surprising types of enemy encounters to keep players on their toes. Players hoping for a chance to take part in the next closed playtest can sign up for more information on the game’s official website at www.windblown.game

    Windblown will launch in 2024 on Steam Early Access. Fans can Wishlist the game now and follow development updates in the months ahead via the Windblown community page, including opportunities to test the game and provide valuable feedback to the developers at Motion Twin in upcoming beta tests.

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    About Motion Twin: 
    Motion Twin is an indie worker’s cooperative game studio based in France. The company has been raging at the machines since 2001 and they will be doing so for as long as people keep smashing into their games. Their latest game, Dead Cells, has brought joy and tears to 10M+ players around the world.


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