Children of the Sun targets PC on April 9

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    Children of the Sun targets PC on April 9


    March 12th, 2024 Bullet-bending ballistic puzzler Children of the Sun, developed by Berlin-based indie sharpshooter ​​René Rother, will launch on PC on April 9.


    In the game you play as THE GIRL, who grew up brainwashed by THE CULT, but is now free from their control and waging a one-woman war of vengeance against them and their enigmatic messiah, THE LEADER.

    Children of the Sun is a psychedelic road trip of revenge featuring a blend of sniping and puzzle solving, but with a killer twist at the core of its unique gameplay: you can only fire one bullet per level. However, thanks to THE GIRL’s physics-defying telekinetic powers, this bullet can be re-aimed, curved around obstacles, and more.

    The game’s combination of tactical sniping, puzzle solving, and light stealth makes it unlike any other shooter you’ll have experienced before—and a scoring and leaderboard system make it lethally replayable.

    You can join THE GIRL on her violent, visually stunning rampage when Children of the Sun releases on PC on April 9. Or get a taste of the action today with the game’s popular Steam demo, available now.

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