CCP Games launches Microsoft Excel add-in for EVE Online, transforming gameplay with enhanced data analysis and visualization

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    CCP Games Launches Microsoft Excel Add-in for EVE Online, Transforming Gameplay with Enhanced Data Analysis and Visualization

    Install the free add-in now to effortlessly manage game data across multiple characters and accounts

    REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – June 20, 2023 – CCP Games today deployed the free Microsoft Excel add-in for the hit sci-fi spacefaring MMO EVE Online. The first integration of its kind for a video game, the add-in revolutionizes EVE Online gameplay by enabling EVE players to effortlessly access and analyze their in-game data across all their accounts and characters through seamless integration with Excel.

    By unleashing the full potential of Excel’s robust analysis and visualization tools, players can gain deep insights into their in-game activities, track their progress, and strategize their next steps. The EVE Online add-in for Excel is available for free in the Microsoft Store, with no subscription required.

    In the fiercely competitive world of New Eden, strategy, knowledge, and preparedness are paramount. By accessing in-game data fluidly and seamlessly integrating with Excel, this powerful add-in enhances decision-making and ensures accessibility for everyone, without requiring any programming knowledge. With this tool in their arsenal, players can arm themselves with the information and knowledge to manage frontline warfare, maximize their profits, and achieve interstellar domination.

    The add-in was developed in collaboration with the Excel team at Microsoft, including some of their in-house capsuleers who have been invaluable to the project. EVE Online is the first video game to have developed an Excel add-in using this type of data integration.

    “Collaborating with Microsoft to provide EVE players with direct access to Excel’s spreadsheet software tools has been both a very enjoyable experience and a very natural fit, which should come as no surprise to the data enthusiasts at our two companies and within our respective communities,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Our players continue to encourage us to explore more ways to make EVE approachable. Advanced EVE players are known to use spreadsheets as a data management tool, so the Excel add-in is a crucial step in achieving that goal. No matter your role, skill level or identity in New Eden, the power of this add-in is at your fingertips.”

    “CCP Games has extensive experience in the MMO space, so it’s only natural that we collaborate with them to launch the first-ever native Microsoft Excel add-in for a video game,” said Catherine Pidgeon, Microsoft Head of Product, Excel. “With the add-in, the EVE Online player base can seamlessly export and manage data without third-party tools. Through this collaboration, we’re excited to see how players of EVE Online of all skill levels can use Excel to streamline data management and take their in-game experience to new heights.”

    The add-in’s features improve day-to-day processes and productivity for all EVE Online players in a variety of ways:

    • Manufacturers: Enhance production efficiency, identify profit margins, and uncover business opportunities.
    • Miners: Make informed decisions about mining operations and optimize profits by calculating the value of mined asteroids.
    • Haulers: Streamline cargo volume determination, assess cargo value, and maximize transportation profits.
    • Enforcers: Keep track of bounties, mission rewards, and hourly earnings to identify the most lucrative activities.
    • Explorers: Track earnings, item collection, and progression in the vast universe of New Eden.
    • PvP Combatants: Monitor kills, losses, loot value, ship usage, and the outcomes of encounters.
    • Corporation Leaders: Gain essential insights into member activity, roles, finances, and standings.
    • All Players: Understand in-game actions and track progress over time with an aggregate overview of all character assets. 

    More information about the add-in and installation can be found in this blog post: Information Is Power

    CCP Games is celebrating EVE Online’s 20th anniversary throughout 2023. Stay tuned to EVE News for the latest celebration events. Assets for EVE Online are in the press kit here. Download EVE Online for free by visiting

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