Narrative-driven beat ‘em up Detained: Too Good For School unleashes explosive trailer!

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    Narrative-driven beat ‘em up Detained: Too Good For School unleashes explosive trailer!

    The next title from rising star Chinese indie publisher, Thermite Games, prepares to break hearts and noses on PC in 2024.

    BEIJING, September 7th, 2023 — Coming in hot! The latest trailer of the branching-narrative beat em’ up Detained: Too Good for School from developer O.T.K Games (The Vagrant) and emerging indie publisher Thermite Games, gives players a vibrant taste of what to expect when the game punches its way out of detention and into Steam Early Access in 2024.

    The trailer shows a colourful mix of explosive combat, a dynamic storyline and an incredible variety of gameplay that allows players to immerse themselves in a fully interactive world and create deep relationships.


    Guide a gritty schoolgirl through the mean streets of Swinster City after six months in juvenile detention. Time behind bars and the death of her brother has left our heroine in a foul mood. Will she release her pent-up aggression on those in the underworld who deserve it…or become an antiheroine who annihilates anyone who crosses her path?

    Fight hordes of hooligans in a fast-paced, hard-hitting combat system. Utilize a vast arsenal of craftable weaponry and accessories along with more than 90 unlockable and upgradeable skills. Explore Swinster City from sunrise to well after sundown, attending classes to unlock new perks, training at gyms, and taking on part-time jobs as well as side quests for extra cash. 

    Love can bloom on a battlefield, with eight romanceable characters of multiple genders. Go on dates to unlock story scenes and a new ally in battle. Use partners or other recruitable NPCs to take on challenging raids against the biggest and baddest of Swinster City. Or, become public enemy number one while beating up civilians – just make sure to avoid the cops.

    Will our wayward protagonist shape up her act and become the hero that the city needs? Will she fall prey to corruption, and become a menacing criminal kingpin? More than a dozen endings with many fates await.

    “What we kept hearing from thousands of fans about our last title The Vagrant was that they loved the combat, but wanted more options and things to do, says Canlin Liu, Producer at O.T.K. Games. “So we took the combat engine from The Vagrant and made it feel even better, with more creative ways to pummel enemies and even more reasons to do so in the expansive world.”

    Detained: Too Good for School releases on Steam in Early Access for PC in 2024 with support in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish (EU), and Portguese (Brazil) language text and interfaces. The game was also showcased for press at gamescom 2023 in an impressive lineup alongside other Thermite Games titles including Sophia the Traveler and Corpse Keeper. 

    To learn more about Detained: Too Good for School, be sure to follow O.T.K. Games on Twitter account and join the community on Discord.

    About O.T.K Games
    Founded in 2014, O.T.K Games is a team of four passionate indie developers striving to make fun games that everyone wants to play. Their passion is the strongest asset along with their love for games that allows them to fine-tune their creative process and has allowed them to create their previous multi-console release The Vagrant.
    To learn more about O.T.K Games, visit their official Twitter account.

    About Thermite Games
    Thermite Games is a publishing company behind hit titles such as Sophia the Traveler, Corpse Keeper, and Tales of the Neon Sea. Founded in 2020, Thermite Games consists of young, passionate gamers and industry professionals based in Beijing, China.
    To learn more about Thermite Games, visit their official website, and follow them on Twitter.


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