Blightbound Reveals New Horrors in Major New Update!

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    Blightbound Reveals New Horrors in Major New Update!


    Arcane Glamour delivers a wealth of additions and improvements in Blightbound’s largest update yet, bringing a tangible air of prestige to the character ranks, as well as despicable new randomised foes and significant gameplay features.

    An imposing new area is ready to be explored by your heroes in the Underhold. Hidden in the yawning Underhold Depths lies a new boss: Haäken, the jailed.

    Adding to your heroes’ trials are two new enemies: the Elusive Wretch has greatly and the imposing Sinful Totemist have recently been making the lives of many adventurers in the battlefield more difficult. 

    Coming to the rescue, however, is new playable hero Roland of Stendhall, an untouchable exhibitionist on the battlefield with a lock-down and long distance kill. Roland refuses to have the horrors or the Blight touch his perfection!

    Players of any can now select any hero before matchmaking, promising more variety and tactical possibilities than ever before, while an abundance of new items have been added to the game, alongside their respective recipes, and detailed hero stats ensure that no item is wasted in your quest to strengthen the Refuge.

    In addition, encounter randomisation now changes enemy types between runs, ensuring every excursion provides a unique challenge. 

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