Batten down the hatches! The furrst look at Cat Quest III gameplay approaches

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    Batten down the hatches! The furrst look at Cat Quest III gameplay approaches

    – Wishlist now to secure your booty –

    London, August 30th, 2023 – Ahoy, me hearties! The Gentlebros and Kepler Interactive invite you to plot a course to the furrst gameplay trailer for Cat Quest III! The third game in the series promises even more paw-some adventures and is available to wishlist now. The charming 2.5D open-world action RPG is due to set sail in 2024 on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

    Feast your eyes on the brand-new trailer: 


    The Purribean is no place for scallywags, you will need all 9 lives to survive as you embark on an epic quest for adventure unlike any you’ve ever experienced! Unleash your inner purrivateer as you set sail in pursuit of the legendary North Star. Embrace the life of a daring pirate treasure seeker, unearthing clues and relishing the thrill of genuine exploration. Step into a world where the winds of curiosity guide your sails and every discovery is a triumphant meowment!

    Do not be fooled by the crystal-clear waters, here there be monsters. Enemies will test your cat-like reflexes on land and sea as you fight hordes of Pi-rats and engage in paw-to-paw combat. Whether alone or with a friend, the world of Cat Quest III is your oyster, savvy?

    Your tail begins in 2024 when Cat Quest III launches on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam).  For more information, visit:


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    Twitter: @thegentlebros
    Facebook: @catquestgame
    TikTok: @catquest

    About The Gentlebros: 
    The Gentlebros is an award-winning studio Singapore-based studio and creators of the million-selling Cat Quest series across PC, consoles and mobile. Made up of game industry veterans, The Gentlebros aim to create worlds for people to have fun in. The next installment in the Cat Quest series, Cat Quest III, is set to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and PC (via STEAM) in 2024.

    About Kepler Interactive: 
    Kepler Interactive – led by the founders of Kowloon Nights – is a developer and publisher that operates on a co-ownership model. Its studios are given strategic leadership roles, all while continuing to develop their games their way, with no creative limitations. Kepler’s partner studios are as varied as they are talented, including A44 Games in New Zealand, Alpha Channel and Timberline in North America, Awaceb, Ebb Software, and Sloclap in Europe, and Shapefarm in Asia. Kepler Interactive itself is headquartered in London.


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