Announcing Devolver Athletic Club: Activewear For Brand Ambassadors

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    Announcing Devolver Athletic Club: Activewear For Brand Ambassadors


    For years, Devolver Digital has dreamed of an apparel line worthy of its exceptional games. While we wait for that to happen, the macro-centric publisher presents Devolver Athletic Club, the brand extension no one asked for but everyone needs.

    Devolver Athletic Club is not sportswear, it’s a finely curated collection of high quality, sensitively sourced, and impeccably branded items that empower Devolver fans around the world to promote their sixth favourite video game publisher in a way that screams, “Look at me. I love video games but my passion is fashion.”

    Featuring custom graphics by Argentinian artist Alan Berry Rhys and manufactured by sustainable clothing company Two Lives, Devolver Athletic Club breaks new ground for the publisher that at least one leading industry expert has branded “lucky”. By branching out into accessible activewear, Devolver Digital intends to take over the non-gaming world with the same level of insolence that has taken them to the upper echelons of interactive entertainment.

    “This seems like a marginally less pointless thing to ask Santa for than a gym membership,” said Devolver CFO Fork Parker. “Those shorts are kinda hot.”

    Whether you’re an active gamer or just an active consumer, Devolver Athletic Club is pumped to welcome you to the team.

    The launch of Devolver Athletic Club apparel comes hand in hand with a fresh new look for the Devolver Digital merch store. The redesign ensures all your future impulse purchases will be made in the most seductive digital retail environment modern science can offer.

    Buy Devolver Athletic Club apparel, game merch, vinyl, and more right now before you blow your cash on something more worthy.

    Devolver Athletic Club product and editorial photography can be found here.

    Devolver Athletic Club lookbook can be viewed here.

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